HELLO AMERICA!—A close friend of the Kardashian family is quick to acknowledge that there is much trouble between couple Kim and musician professed genius hubby Kanye West.  “Well, at first, I guess it was slanted in that direction because it was a new marriage and when the birth of the kids, Kim was determined to establish a normal family life as possible. So, she kept quiet concerning things that were happening, especially, having to do with all the millions of fans who let them know how they felt concerning what they believed was happening in the marriage.”

It seems that Kim began to take another examination of her marriage to the rapper Kanye after she was robbed at gunpoint in their Paris hotel suite. “That did it,” the friend noted. “And it made it even more upsetting when so many people actually believed that it was all planned! To this day, she is having nightmares about it.”

Kim decided to take control of a few things which might make their family more tolerable. She got rid of all of Kanye’s social media accounts. When realizing that Kanye’s was becoming emotionally unstable, she quietly suggested that he limit, for a while, many of his public appearances. She reminded that they both should be more aware of the effect what they do will affect their children. Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, suggested they include Kim and Kanye dilemma on their “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” show.

“This is being given serious consideration,” the friend offered, “because, in truth, the show is suddenly very low in ratings. There is talk that if it gets any lower, it might be canceled even though currently it has a rating of 1.35 million viewers, lowest than the first outing on the tube.”

The show has had a fantastic run as shows of this kind go, nine years is quite a stay, especially with the kind of fickle audiences who live and breathe led what they see on the tube today.

“Momma Kardashian would do almost anything to keep the show alive,” the friend maintained, “because it has given so much to their family.  Then too, she enjoys the production aspect of the show.  She’s a smart cookie who feels extremely comfortable in a Boardroom, believe me!”

As for Kanye and Kim, there is talk streaming from the inside that Kim has had it.

She is tired of all the negative publicity and stories about who and what she is and how she allows Kanye to get away with anything and everything he decides to do.

“I don’t know if Kanye realizes who he is really married to or who is the real mother of his kids because that woman is much tougher and stronger than she allows people to see.  She’s much like her mom, quiet, tough and when ruffled, deadly.” She’s not a Kardashian in name only, it seems.