HOLLYWOOD—Season five of the USA Network drama “Suits” ended on a massive cliffhanger with Mike Ross taking a plea deal that sent him to jail and left the law firm of Pearson, Specter and Litt in utter chaos. For those hoping for a time jump, we were greatly disappointed, because the writers are deciding to push the narrative so that the audience sees Mike Ross deal with the repercussions of his actions.

The season six premiere, ‘To Trouble’ saw Mike learning that prison life is nothing like he expected, just as Donna, Louis and Jessica brainstormed ideas on ways to rescue the firm. Harvey stopped by to check on Rachel in the midst of Mike’s absence, and the duo decided to head to the firm to assist on the crumpling of the company. Louis failed to realize that no one at the firm ordered food, which was a cover for a summons delivered to Jessica noting that the firm was being sued by all prior clients who Mike Ross represented.

Donna got details on partners who jumped ship, as a battle to serve the partners went into full-force. The walls started to crumble around Rachel when it became apparent she might not be able to see her fiancé for nearly a month. Well, the firm still has its IT guy onboard, but Louis discovered that the list Donna presented wasn’t fully accurate. Rachel was the voice of reason, when Louis and Harvey went toe-to-toe as usual.

Mike went to battle with a psychiatrist portrayed my Malcolm Jamal-Warner who is a foe that might give Mike a run for his money. Mike got acquainted with his new cellmate Frank who seemed friendly, but that could be a complete ploy people. Can you believe this Louis, Jessica and Harvey smoked a bit of marijuana to calm themselves down and think of a rational plan! Looks like in a time of crisis, a bit of weed is just the thing to shed a bit of perspective on life.

Mike shared his tale with Frank who questioned his truths, just as Harvey, Donna and Louis continued to play ‘games.’ Harvey admitted his wrongs for once and questions about personal finances rose to the forefront yet again. Too bad Louis was still refusing to divulge details. When the opportunity rose for Mike to make a call to Rachel, he chose to abstain out of fear of suffering repercussions for his actions. Donna did her best to be a friend to Rachel in her time of need, but things only got worse for the firm when Benjamin alerted the gang that they’re in the process of being hacked, and the former partners are coming after all of their clients.

Louis deciphered a genius plan to utilize their funds to prevent any lawsuits from taking action against the firm. Unable to resist temptation, Mike sent a text to Rachel to alert her that he is coping fine. Too bad for Mike because he learned the hard way that Frank had a grudge against Harvey and just got a bit of vengeance. Man I saw that coming from a mile away. I must admit the first episode of season six kicked off a bit slow, but I am intrigued to see where things are headed for the rest of the season. “Suits” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on USA.