HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode before the season 44 finale of “Survivor.” Last week was a fun one as Danny Massa, the firefighter from New York got a taste of his own medicine when he was blindsided at Tribal Council and booted from the game. This week’s episode, ‘I’m the Bandit’ saw audiences witness our final six fighting to get to the final days of the game.

Carolyn was getting major kudos from the tribe for her idol play, and her threat level started to rise. Heidi in the middle of the morning started to search for an idol, which Carson pegged and he started to look for an idol, so did Carolyn. Heidi was aimed at hoping to obtain her second idol securing her ride to the Final Four. Yeah, that is the problem, so many people know once you play an idol; another one automatically goes back into the mix and can be found to live another day if need be.

The idol hunt annoys me sometimes because it becomes so obvious that someone is going to find an idol, it just becomes a question of who will find it. Jaime, Carson, Yam Yam and Lauren discussed booting Carolyn, even though Carson had plans to boot out a Ratu, not a Tika. This is quite the extensive Reward Challenge comprised of two teams of three. The victor would get the opportunity to visit the Sanctuary including a massage, sandwiches, chocolates, fruit, cookies and iced tea. Basically the reward challenge is an opportunity to eat actual food. Was I surprised to see Carson, Yam Yam and Lauren win the challenge people? Nope. They will schmooze Lauren before they plan to blindside her, I’m hoping that is not the case.

That leaves Carolyn, Jaime and Heidi to head back to camp with a goal of taking out a Tika. Hmm, that is going to be hard to convince Carolyn to make such a move. Carson needs to be careful he could be burning a jury vote by playing Lauren in this manner. Yam Yam is serious about booting Carolyn from the game, as he sees her as a threat.

Carolyn was playing the same card as Carson making people think she is aligned with someone that she isn’t. Heidi seriously? You think you can win against Yam Yam and Carolyn at the end, you’re seriously stupid. If Heidi gets to the final three, I can see how she earns no votes. Jaime was surprised to see Yam Yam targeting Carolyn, as his ego noted everyone who wrote his name down is on the jury. Yam Yam is thinking end game, he wants that million dollar prize. If Heidi was smart she would consider using the idol on either Lauren or Jaime to show the jury she is aligning with others to take out the treacherous trio.

With that said, the Immunity Challenge was underway with only Lauren, Heidi and Yam Yam remaining, but that soon became Heidi and Lauren. Now if Heidi wins this IC and doesn’t use that idol to save one of the ladies she deserves go lose if she gets to the end. Lauren vs. Heidi only 1 will be the victor, but it was Lauren who edged out that victory as Heidi dropped. So much for your plan Carson, however, with Jaime being the only Ratu up for vote it is between Jaime and Heidi, but I’m certain Heidi is playing that idol if she’s smart.

Carolyn, Jaime, Carson and Heidi wanted to boot Jaime, who is no threat and has no idol. Yam Yam doesn’t think he can beat Carolyn at the end, but Carson thinks otherwise. Well, at least our players are prepared because they took all their items from camp. Smart, they’ve seen what has happened in the past, as this Tribal Council was underwhelming. Chatter about an idol came to play, but it is fun to realize no one knows that Heidi has that idol.

A lot of the discussion started to worry Carolyn based on her facial expressions. At the same time, it felt like Jeff was grasping at straws to get conversation moving with the players; it just felt odd as a viewer. Carolyn made it very clear she is an emotional player who can be strategic. Note: Heidi didn’t get a single question at TC; her chances of a win just feel almost non-existent unless something crazy happens in the next Tribal Council. Well Heidi decided to play the idol for herself, and I don’t think she needed it at all people. Heidi you could have saved Jaime and booted Carolyn from the game and made a big move for your resume to the jury.

One thing we know: there will likely be an idol on the new beach; the question is who will have that idol? With 3 Tika, 1 Ratu and 1 Soka, Lauren and Heidi would be stupid to not align and take out a Tika. The finale is next week on “Survivor” who will be the victory? We shall soon find out, being honest I want to see Carolyn walk away with that $1 million. She has played a fantastic game and is one of a kind when it comes to characters I have seen on the series in all of its seasons.