UNITED STATES—Yesterday was a difficult day for many Americans, many people across the world. After hearing about the terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert in the United Kingdom I was left numb. I couldn’t do anything, but sit and watch the TV screen to get updates on the incident, what transpired, how many were injured, how many were killed, who was responsible and why.

We have had this discussion before in the past, as it seems each day more and more terrorist attacks are taking place overseas. To be honest it’s not only disturbing, but it’s scary as hell. I mean I didn’t venture to my first concert without a parent until I was 18, so imagine all the little girls and teenagers who attended pop singer Ariana Grande’s concert minus their parents to find themselves in such a catastrophe.

It is absolutely terrifying, gut-wrenching and my heart goes out to all the parents who lost children in the attack or children who were injured during this senseless act of violence by a cowardly, senseless suicide bomber and ISIS who thinks it’s acceptable to continue with such evil acts.

I mean while watching CNN to get an update, to hear the voice of a mother who had NO IDEA where her daughter was, what transpired and to attempt to hold composure during a live TV interview, my heart was shattered. As a parent, I have NO IDEA how I would react in such a situation. To be honest, I don’t think I would be able to speak, yet alone conduct an interview.

Grande was visibly shaken after the event, indefinitely suspending her world tour and sending condolences to the families. Just the thought of attempting to fathom the melee inside that concert venue with those kids, those teens looking and scrambling for safety after a deadly explosion erupted, I simply cannot imagine the mentality of those young adults, teens, the parents outside the venue (where the explosion transpired) and what they were thinking. Any person who is willing to kill themselves in an effort to provoke death onto others are spineless, heartless bastards. Yes, my wording here is a bit blunt, and it’s simply because I was so disturbed by this attack, just like all the others that have transpired in recent years.

Things have come to a point where we are questioning our safety no matter where we go. At times it feels like it’s no longer safe to exit the home, can you go to the grocery store, what about a sports event, concerts, any type of public outing where a massive number of people will be a target of a potential attack. The biggest question I have to ask myself time and time again is what, what can we do as a nation to prevent such attacks. It’s apparent that ISIS has no plans to give up on these senseless acts of violence, which means national agencies need to team up in efforts to dismantle and destroy this group to prevent any further death, violence and threats to ensure their overall goal is implemented: fear!

Fear will not win, we are a nation, a global entity that is stronger united than divided. ISIS has continued time and time again to implement these attacks via individuals who are willing to give their lives for a cause. What precisely can the United States, and other countries across the world do to finally DISMANTLE this organization and ensure we put an end to terrorism. In addition, unfortunately we are at a point where security has to be heightened to higher degrees to ensure all are safe.

Movement is indeed being taken as authorities have identified the person responsible for the bombing, in addition to the arrest of a 23-year-old in connection to the attack as well. However, the biggest concern is hoping we can finally nail ISIS and put an end to their madness once and all. It might not happen overnight, but I’m certain we will make it happen at some point.