HOLLYWOOD—I binge-watched this series about a year ago, and I have been hooked ever since. I’m referring to the Showtime series “The Chi” that focuses on a group of characters navigating life in the streets of Chicago. Season three was an edge of your seat thrill-ride. I mean the season premiere had an epic cliffhanger that played out through the season as Keisha was kidnapped and being held against her will by a child predator. Watching each episode was such a heartbreaker, as a viewer you want this kid to be rescued, but you didn’t know if it would ever transpire.

Well, there is good news and bad news, Keisha was rescued, but the bad news was she ended up pregnant after being sexually assaulted by her captor, who was later killed thanks to Ronnie who came to Keisha’s rescue. In a blindside, Ronnie, who is a drunk, war veteran, and a murderer, found himself gunned down in an unexpected ending before the season finale.

Now that we’ve discussed the big plotlines of season three, it is time to talk about season four which kicked off on Sunday, May 23. The premiere episode, “Soul Food” tackled some heavy subject matter, like the ongoing issue of police brutality this time involving Jake, Papa and Kevin. However, it seemed the audience was being teased with a glimpse of the future during the first few minutes of the episode before.

We see how the season unfolds leading to the chaos, where Kevin catches Jake with Jemma, Douda being shot, Keisha giving birth, Emmett having a mental breakdown people and someone jumping from a window. Good news is things have NOT fast-forwarded too much, we’re only a month behind, however, Kevin is sleeping over at Jemma’s house and his mother has no idea. Like what the hell is going on? Kevin is how old people? I really cannot wait to see what the hell happens this season based on this tease.

Unfortunately, Kevin was captured on surveillance camera by Jemma’s father people. Emmett and Tiffany are celebrating wedding bliss, but she still has no idea about his little secret, that he slept with Dom and complicating matters is the fact that Tiff and Dom have gone into business people!

Looks like Trig, Jake and Imani are still tied up in Douda and his dirty deeds people. Yeah, that tease at the start of the episode was clear that Douda has made a long list of enemies where everyone is ready to take him out. Really, Darnell and Dom are a coupe? Darnell is sleeping with the same woman his son slept with? That is just crazy people. Dom told Darnell that she slept with Emmett and that took him aback, but he did not seem too fazed by it. Jeez this guy, but what the hell!? He confronted his son about his little tryst.

It looks like Jemma was not happy with Kevin constantly ignoring issues important to her, and he dropped the ‘L’ word so early people. Douda attempted to spark a relationship with members in the community and made the moves on that woman who lost her son in the very first episode of the series. A tiff with another student, led to officers brutally assaulting Jake and pointing a gun directly at Kevin, while members of the community captured the incident on video.

I think I have an idea where this is headed people, as Kevin’s bruised eye, Jake’s assault, is about to have ripple effects on everyone in their inner circle including Papa, who could do nothing, but remain silent, in shock of what he just witnessed. Kevin did not want Myisha to post the video she captured online, but they refused to listen to Kevin’s qualms.

Looks like the Kevin is indeed spiraling; first he was smoking weed, but now he is drinking as well. Are the writers really trying to give us a super grown version of Kevin so quickly? I love that Roselyn called out Tracy for wanting to sleep with her husband.

Trig and Douda were livid to see the bruises and the broken arm on Jake, and Trig wanted blood and I mean blood. It looks like a war is about to erupt one that is going to leave bodies in the aftermath people. Really, the movie that Darnell selected was “Soul Food” and it echoed all sorts of bad feelings for Dom and Emmett, who were riddled with guilt or the edibles they just ingested were causing them to spiral. Keisha tried to get Emmett to talk about what transpired with him and the police.

Keisha found herself in a tough spot with the couple who she wants to give her child to for adoption. Jake and Kevin had a chat about the incident that has now gone viral. It looks like this incident is causing a major rift in Kevin and Jake’s relationship people. Tracy is really playing with fire messing around with Douda. Imani and Trig implemented a plan to take out the cop who viciously attacked Jake and Trig put a brutal beating on that cop before the episode ended. That was a heavy episode, but interesting as hell, cannot wait to see what else unfolds this season. New episodes of “The Chi” air Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.