The Honeydew, Member Of The Melon Tree


UNITED STATES—There are various melons that we are all aware of, notably, the watermelon which is both tasty and sweet, but there are other members of the melon family we should know. One characteristic that makes the honeydew unique is its color. The fruit has an outer shell that is a light shade of green; on the inside it’s a bit darker.

The flesh inside a ripe honeydew is unlike any other; it’s sweet, juicy and has a smell that is tantalizing, but be careful the fruit is loaded with seeds on the inside that must be removed before eating. The fruit is at its peak harvest during the summer months going into fall, after October the fruit can be found in supermarkets, but it won’t be as sweet as one would expect.

On a nutritional level, the honeydew is a fruit packed with potassium which is great for maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body.  In addition, it’s packed with vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. So precisely, what are honeydews used for?  Well because it’s packed with water and its quite starchy, this fruit is difficult to cook with other dishes. This is a fruit best paired with other melons like cantaloupe and watermelon for a fruit salad.  It can also be used when creating smoothies for a quick breakfast snack.

By LaDale Anderson