HOLLYWOOD—The cliffhanger from last week’s episode on “The Oval” witnessed Jason open that emergency window on the plane causing all sorts of chaos. With that said, this week’s episode, ‘Wicked Things’ picked up with that aftermath. Victoria was reeling at discovering the body of Jean underneath Jason’s bed and was forced to do major damage control to prevent anyone from entering the room.

Victoria learned that Laura spotted the body, but it nearly led to her death and another problem the First Lady has to fix before the world learns what transpired. She alerted Hunter that Jason murdered somebody. She couldn’t get out the words and took her husband to get an eyewitness account of the horror. Hmm, it looks like a crisis is about to bond this couple who hates one another.

Once again, Hunter is forced to dispose of another body, just as Victoria planned to ask her mother to clean things up once again. Too bad they don’t know that Maude might be gone and for good thanks to Jason. Donald did his best to curb Sam’s inquiries about Uma and Max. Donald you are not doing well at covering your tracks buddy.

Barry was bailed out of jail by Sharon where questions arose about that money, and each other indicated the money did NOT belong to them. Barry posed the question that Sharon might be selling drugs with Kareem and she absolutely denied it. So that only raises the question, who does that money belong to? Sam delivered news to Victoria and Hunter that there was an emergency landing on the airplane. Gayle and Jason is ok, but Maude suffered a heart attack and died. There’s the confirmation: Maude was killed by Jason. Yeah, the guy is a serial killer and that is NOT GOOD!

Lilly and Bobby were getting better acquainted, as she learned some details about his past, just as former Press Secretary Diane arrived on the scene to see how Max was doing. Lilly got some details about Bobby and Diane’s past which did not surprise her to say the least. Bobby realized Max was conscious and able to move and dude was not messing around as he held Diane hostage. He was willing to snap her neck if need be. Bobby did his best to calm Max down from doing something he would regret. Man, this is some absolute bat crazy s**t!

Jason alerted his mother that men who worked for their grandma took Gayle, just as Victoria realized her son was lying about what happened inside his bedroom. This kid is screwed and his mother knew it hook, nail and sinker. Barry learned from his father that the locks on the house were changed, as Sharon and Barry tried to help cool Richard’s temper over Nancy’s affair.

Priscilla was moping at the fact that she had not heard from Jean and started to use her clout to get answers. She learned that Jean did not sign out and her worry intensified after not hearing from her friend. Video captured Jean going up to the First Family residence, but never coming back downstairs. Looks like Priscilla is about to bust open this mystery involving Jean before anyone else.

Donald and Kyle had a meeting of the minds where Diane’s involvement in moving Max and being off the grid has the secret service agent worried about being exposed. Allen attempted to seduce Ellie, but she was not in the mood. He had a surprise for her: an engagement. When she refused to accept his proposal, it left him feeling a sort of way. He got aggressive and physically assaulted her. Hmm, looks like Allen has a temper and Ellie is afraid of her lover.

The surprises just keep on coming, as Victoria and Hunter discovered a bloody sword in his chest. The same sword that was used to murder Hunter’s mistress people! Yeah, things just continue to get chaotic and twist for this family people. There is a reason this series has become my new guilty pleasure, until next week “Oval” fans.

Written By LaDale Anderson