The Power Of Celebrity


UNITED STATES—What is it about celebrity or stardom that makes so many of us want to have it?  Is it the fact that everyone knows your name?  Is it the fact that you are well respected?  Is it the fact that you receive things for free? Perhaps, it’s the fact that being a celebrity places you in a category above the rest.   Celebrities have fabulous terrific lives, but being a celebrity is not the glamorous life that some of us think it is.

For starters, everything you do is in the public sphere.  Twenty years ago this was not that much of a problem; you were still in the spotlight, but there was no massive social media network watching and capturing your every move.  There was no Facebook, Twitter, heck the Internet was just beginning to formulate.  Nowadays, social media keeps fans intact with their favorite celebs on a daily basis which is a scary thing.

Some people don’t understand the difference between being a fan and being obsessed.  I’m sorry celebs can raise your spirits and hopes, but these are people that you don’t necessarily know.  An image is presented to the public of who they think this person is, but that is not always the case.  Looks can be deceiving. Not all celebs are as nice as some would like to think.

My biggest gripe with celebrity is that there are perks that ordinary people do not get to enjoy, particularly with the legal system.  If an everyday citizen were to be caught with drugs or to find themselves entangled in some legal problems the chances of them getting a pat on the hand is not likely.

Yet, if a celebrity finds themselves in that same scandal, it’s almost as if it never happened.  Some celebs receive countless chances to clean up their acts or lives and still continue down that treacherous path.  Do they not get it or perhaps is it a matter of they just don’t care?  Being a celebrity has it pros and cons, but in the end the public has to realize they are just like us!  The only difference is their personal lives are in the public.  The issue of privacy is a tricky subject.

Absolutely, everyone is entitled to it, but when you sign up to be in certain industries, the idea of remaining anonymous ceases to exist; it’s a part of the job and people should stop complaining about it.  I will point out that in the comfort of your home you should be given privacy as well as the surroundings of your children.  Come on paparazzi, hassling a celeb is one thing, but to frighten there children that’s just despicable, have some moral and ethical standards.  No photo is that serious is it?

Some celebrities underestimate the power that fame has.  Not only is it influential in their lives, but also to the trillions of fans who consider them role models.  Celebrity brings with it great perks, but there are also many pitfalls as well.  As we all know, you can be famous on Monday and a nobody on Tuesday.  Everyone is entitled to 15 minutes of fame, but once those 15 minutes are up, that’s it!

By Trevor Roberts