SAN FRANCISCO—Nathan Apadoca, a TikTok influencer known as @420doggface208 visited San Francisco with his family and their rental cars were broken into after visiting Twin Peaks on Tuesday, February 23. They were parked in a dark area. According to a report from the SFPD theft from a vehicle occurred at approximately 7:00 PM in a parking lot located on the unit block of Christmas Tree Point Road. The victim reported that an unknown, unseen suspect shattered a window of the vehicle and stole the victim’s
personal items. 

On Monday, March 1 in an interview with TMZ, Apodaca explained what happened. He said his mother went back to the rental van and noticed the window was broken. As she investigated further, she noticed her purses were gone. He and the rest of his family came down to check the other rental which was a suburban SUV He thought everything was fine until he looked in the back seat and the windows on the passenger side were busted.  

Recently, someone found the purse down the road and is in the process of sending it back to Apadoca and his familyApodaca still wants to visit San Francisco to check out a mural that is painted of him. He originally planned to do a “peace out” video near the mural. He made a statement to TMZ saying, “it ain’t no thing, just a little speed bump in the trip.” 

The SFPD also stated, “We are not confirming the identity of the victim for
confidentiality. We do not have an arrest to mention at this time.”
Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the
police at 1-415-575-4444 or Text a Tip to TIP411 and begin the message
with SFPD.