UNITED STATES—What does it take to be an adult? For many people, they’d make the argument that when you turn 18, you are of legal age and you are an adult. Would I agree with that assertion? Not a chance. Age is just a number and just because one is 18 does not necessarily MEAN one is ready to take on the responsibilities that come with being an adult.

Being a child and being an adult is a big difference if you ask me. If one is to use the term adult, they should be fully aware of the responsibilities that come with using such a word. If you are an adult, you’re capable of keeping a roof over one’s head. If you are an adult, you’re capable of putting food in your mouth, putting clothes on your back, taking care of your monthly expenses, caring for your children and so much more. So what happens when one claims to be an adult, but fails to take on the responsibilities that come with being of legal age? You should NOT classify yourself as an adult people.

I hate, and I mean hate when people say, “I’m grown.” Ok, if you’re so grown, tell me why are YOU relying on someone else to feed, bathe, house, pay your expenses, yet you still indulge in immature games that prove you’re not up to par with the standards of being an actual adult. I’m going to go out on a limb and make the assertion that when you classify yourself as an adult you bring a bit of status as well. You can drink, you can smoke, you can stay out late, and do a bunch of other things someone who is NOT an adult cannot yet do.

Perhaps, as parents we need to take a bit more time to mold our children into adulthood, and not tell ourselves or allow our kids to just assume when you become this age, everything changes. I wish life worked out that way, but we have so many people who rush to become of legal age to realize things are not as ‘great’ as they expect them to be when you become an adult.

Even the idea of being an adult in college I question for most people. I mean come on, more than 50 percent of college students are still being taken care of by their parents, and what’s worse is that there parents let them believe it. If your mom and dad are paying your tuition, you’re still a child to some degree, if they pay your credit card you’re still a child people, if they still wash your clothing, adulthood has not yet inhibited your life.

I’m bringing this issue to the forefront because SO MANY people are quick to rush to become an adult, when in truth they should enjoy the time they have as a kid, as a middle-schooler, as a teenager. When you truly reach adulthood, those games, those things that you could once get away with and not worry what others think or say, have a bigger spotlight placed on them. Being an adult is a great thing, but at the same time, it comes with great responsibility; a responsibility unfortunately not many people are ready to accept.