Truck Drivers To Undergo Safety Training


SAN FRANCISCO—Per San Francisco’s new Vision Zero action plan to eliminate vehicular fatalities by 2024, professional truck drivers operating in the city will be required to take a safety training program.

The safety curriculum, given in video format, is currently in production. Businesses that contract truck drivers to drive through San Francisco will be required to put their drivers through the program.

In a show of good faith, FedEx and UPS have volunteered to put their drivers through the course as well.

The California Trucking Association is hoping that other California cities will follow San Francisco’s example, emphasizing on-the-job safety and responsible operation of company vehicles.

Drivers operating in San Francisco, in particular, will be educated as to how to handle the unique conditions and challenges presented by the hilly, condensed city.

To date, there have been no fatal traffic accidents in San Francisco this year.