HOLLYWOOD—The moustache has proven yet again on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” that he does not suffer fools well. I honestly thought, Victor being shoved by a flight of stairs by J.T. and nearly dying in the hospital would change him. Nope. This guy is sinister to the core, but I would not call him Bill Spencer, but his methods are quite wicked to the core to say the least.

It looked like a relationship was on the verge of being built again between Nick and Victor after the offer was extended to rejoin Newman Enterprises. However, as soon as Nick discovered that Victor had known about Christian’s true paternity all along and kept it from him, he was livid. I knew the other ball would drop at some point about that secret between Victor and Chelsea. A war of words exploded and Victor made it crystal clear that if Nick decided not to abide by Victor’s demands for him to come back to the company, he would regret it.

How so? Victor wants custody of Christian and when ‘The Moustache’ makes a threat he always keeps it. So here comes another court battle where Nick threw spars at his dad and Victor put Sharon in the hot seat to prove his case that Christian in the presence of Sharon is dangerous. Nick was well aware that Victor’s move would deliver a fatal blow to his case, and oh did it. Why? The courts awarded temporary custody of Christian to Victor of all people! Baffling? Without a doubt, I mean this guy just sat in a jail cell for committing a felony, he’s old as dirt, how in the world will he take care of a little toddler?

Nick and Victor have had plenty of battles, but this may indeed be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Victor is underestimating Nick’s ability to be just as ruthless as his father, and taking a child from its parent is one hell of a way to ignite a war. The look on Nick’s face when the verdict was read was priceless and the glare he gave his father was proof that Victor’s world is about to be rattled in ways he never expected. Nikki is an idiot for standing by Victor as he commits a terrible deed. I loved the fact that Sharon threatened her nemesis. Yes, Nikki you did kill J.T. and I would utilize that information as leverage to make your life a living hell if you don’t nip Victor’s antics sooner than later.

There are other issues worth discussing like the return of Summer Newman. The spawn of Phyllis and Nick returned to town a bit of a wild child. Not only was she arrested for stealing a car, but she seems to be making the moves on Billy. Ugh, I really hope “Y&R” is not going down this route because it will be awkward as hell to watch on TV, and I’m serious.

Billy frustrated with his potential daughter-in-law invited Kyle to keep her busy, but he passed on the opportunity. Why? He’s too busy focused on wowing Billy at Jabot and building a bridge with his father Jack. Too bad, Jack is on a mission to find his real father and considering the situation, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to do the same thing America! He was reading some juicy tale from Dina’s diary where he was on the cusp of learning his potential father, but the pages in the diary with that detail was torn out. The question remains who took those pages and if so why don’t they want the truth to be unveiled?

Of course, it would not be “The Young and the Restless” if we didn’t chat about the big news involving Hilary and Devon. Don’t you know, they’re pregnant! Yes, Hilary has finally gotten her wish, but there are some forces working against her. Neil has moved across the hall from Devon, and Shauna has moved into Hilary and Devon’s penthouse as a result of her family situation. It’s no secret Hilary wants to help Shauna, but it’s apparent the teen is just one conversation from causing Hilary to explode.

However, the big news of the week is the revelation that Mishael Morgan will be vacating the role of Hilary. So that leaves fans wondering if the character will be recast or is fate far worse headed her direction. It would be a bummer to see Hilary get everything she wants to lose it all with a snap of a finger. Morgan’s departure also raises concerns as to what the soap will do with Devon’s character.

If Hilary is out, could that mean Devon is soon headed out of Genoa City as well? Doesn’t seem to be the case, but the departure of a crucial character can indeed be the death of another one in the soap arena, which I’m hoping more soap writers start taking heed to!