HOLLYWOOD—At long last, the big reveal involving Victor Cassadine on “General Hospital” has been unleashed. Victor Cassadine plans to unleash a pathogen that will kill lots of people, while developing a serum with the help of his forbidden love, Dr. Liesl Obrecht to create a serum for the select few in the Cassadine family including Spencer, Ace, Nikolas and Liesl. That’s it people, a very select few. This reveal was such a dud. “GH” is really dropping the ball on reveals lately.

The last time I can say I was slightly stunned was when it was revealed Nikolas Cassadine was alive. I knew he was alive because we never saw his body again after it was stashed. The only reveal that was fun was learning that Austin’s cousin, Mason stole the body and was keeping Nikolas alive on a ventilator. These big reveals are turning more and more into a whimper.

Victor’s masterplan involved kidnapping Liesl from the Nurse’s Ball during that magic trick, and taking Ace and Spencer in the process. Esme was in a panic, as Laura reassured her that would find her baby and bring him back home safely. I already see what the writers are doing, everyone in Port Charles are aligning to bring Victor Cassadine down once and for all.

His reign of terror is massive. Once he got his hands on the real Ice Princess necklace from Valentin and Anna, he shot her. That resulted in Anna being rushed into surgery and Valentin on edge as Laura, Felicia and others prayed for a miraculous recovery. FYI, Anna is not going to die people, but she might be out of commission for a while.

This has prompted Sonny, Drew, Curtis, Laura, Felicia, Mac, Valentin, and a host of others uniting to discover Victor’s location on the Haunted Star. Victor has jetted to an isolated island in Venezuela that Laura and Felicia deduced after connecting a few dots. However, it was Trina who was the MVP that put a ripple in Victor’s plans by making a call to Portia to alert her of the situation and provide coordinates to help the authorities find a location. Spencer staged a scene by holding Liesl at knifepoint to allow Trina to make that call, and she has remained undetected up till the point where she stole that device allowing Victor’s henchmen to realize someone else must be onboard the ship.

Talk about returning faces because two big ones came back to Port Charles in Tracy Quartermaine and Holly Sutton. Why am I getting the hint that Luke Spencer might be alive? What else could bring these two icons back? Well they were working to rescue Holly’s son Ethan, who was being held captive by Victor. Tracy was the one purchasing Ethan’s bounty, but Felicia and Holly screwed that up, which allowed, Ethan to gain the upper hand before the foursome escaped.  Nothing has been heard about a return of Anthony Geary, but that would indeed be a stunner that I think fans would go bananas over. Speaking of Holly, she came face-to-face with Robert and Diane who almost shared a smooch. I don’t understand Holly’s hold on Robert. That guy will do anything for that woman, even though he knows she’s a con artist; I guess that is what love will do to you people.

There are some other things, big ones to talk about people. For starters, Sonny has discovered that Dex and Josslyn are in a romance people. Not good for Dex, Michael or Josslyn as that tea has been spilled. It will be even harder for Michael and Dex to implement there masterplan to take out Sonny. It was only made worse, by Willow advocating for Carly to help repair the bond between Sonny and Michael. Why? With Liesl missing, it looks like Willow’s time might be nearing the end people at least that is what the writers want us to think.

Of course, Liesl will be found and the bone marrow transplant is likely to occur right as May Sweeps begin I suspect. I just want this storyline to end already, so Willow can bridge a gap with Nina and Michael can see the error of his ways. Chase and Brook Lynn are still dancing on the status of their relationship, but Brook Lynn took a big leap exposing Linc at the Nurses Ball and with Blaze acknowledging the sexual harassment as well, Linc was carted to jail.

Brook Lynn showed support as Chase had his big meeting and earned his badge back. Cody was framed for stealing a necklace that Gladys planted. Not smart Gladys considering Cody has your number and asked Sam for help proving his innocence. This is good because Cody has way better chemistry with Sasha then he ever had with Britt. This is the pairing the writers should have led with all along. Gladys’ duplicity will be exposed and what happens with her who knows and honestly who cares. I’m over it. Gregory revealed to Alexis that he has ALS which was devastating to hear. For once I would just love to see Alexis get her happy ending in the romance department people.

Michael and Willow are pushing to get married with Willow’s health declining. The quickie wedding saw Sonny get an invitation, but not Nina. This punishing of Nina’ I’m just tired of it. Michael get the hell over yourself, get over yourself. Carly is no saint this woman lied about knowing that Nina was Willow’s mother for more than a year and everyone is acting like it’s no big deal. Hell, I wish Nina would have slapped the you know what out of Carly as a result. Perhaps the writers are saving that for something bigger.