SAN FRANCISCO—Thee Golden State Warriors youth basketball camps for adolescent basketball players which has been held for many years will be done virtually for 2020. On May 19, Warriors Basketball Academy issued a tweet stating:

“GSW Academy is virtual!! In response to COVID-19, GSW Academy has cancelled the in-person Warriors Camp summer schedule.”

“We think it’s a great platform for both the Warriors and Positive Coaching Alliance to cherish some of our views on how to best support the kids during these unprecedented times,” stated Golden State Warriors Senior Director of Youth Basketball, Jeff Addiego on a webinar on YouTube. “We really needed to pivot and shift gears and dive into a path we really haven’t been down before and that’s being able to teach the game and influence young players and families through technology.”

There will be opportunities for kids to do workouts during an Instagram live session, which will be free.

“Weeklong sessions with 75 min/day of real time feedback, individualized instruction, and special appearances from Warriors legends or players,” noted the Warriors Basketball Academy Twitter account.

Participants will work with numerous coaches and Golden State players to learn about different skills throughout each session. Since the camp will be done remotely, access will be available from different locations.

According to the Warriors Ground: Warriors Basketball Academy video, “Three former campers have gone on to play in the NBA: Will Cherry, Tyler Johnson, and Juan Toscano-Anderson”

On a Warriors Basketball Twitter video Toscano-Anderson and Cherry reflected on their time in the camps.

“Shout out to my 3rd grade teacher here Mrs. Attles. She’s actually the one who put me in Warriors camp. Pretty much introduced me to organized basketball. It’s ironic how now I’m wearing a Warriors jersey,” said Toscano-Anderson.

“It’s like monkey-see, monkey-do,” Cherry said. “You see coaches treat each other like family, the campers going do the same.”