UNITED STATES—We are less than 4 weeks from the big presidential election and I feel like this year the importance of voting is at a feverish, and I mean feverish pitch people. I thought 2008 was critical with so many people making the argument that not voting could be detrimental to the direction of the country, but I think 2016 might be even more vital now than ever before.

The fact that we have two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump who do not have favorable ratings with the public or either political party they are linked to, says a lot. It’s almost like the public is being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils and to be honest, it’s hard to say which would be worse if elected to office.

I’ve never seen SO MANY people advocating the importance of voting, it’s almost like voting has become cool. Like seriously, who cares if voting is cool or not, it is a fundamental right that anyone who has the ability to vote should WANT TO DO. I mean I hate having this discussion every year or every 4 years when the presidential election is up for grabs. I fear because so many people are not fond of Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump it might cause them to not even consider heading to the polls on November 8 and that would be such a shame.

People tend to argue time and time again that there vote doesn’t count, but little do they know it could be their vote that is the deciding factor in which politician represents their district, what individual is voted to the school board, rather a controversial proposal is passed or rejected, who controls are country, there are a slew of things at stake and people need to pay more attention to those things.

Is politics full of crap? Of course it is; it’s a game people, and those who best play the game of politics tend to get the edge when it comes to the voters. Politicians say what it is they know the public wants to hear and you’ll have those individuals in your back pocket. The year 2016 will see many first-time voters hit the polls and it will be an interesting moment for them to see just how the political process unfolds. I recall when I first voted which was back in 2002, I was super nervous, but soon discovered it’s not as bad as some people would like to make one think.

Is it likely that you will run into complications? Without a doubt especially if you did not properly register to vote. I mean in the primaries I saw this situation arise, which totally pissed me off. I waited in line for nearly 2 hours, to find out I was supposed to be in another section of town, yet I never received an email, a phone call or any type of alert from the city I lived in regarding such a matter. I was livid people, I mean livid.

The polling location was completely unorganized, it felt like chaos was all over the place and I had just had an enough. That might have been the first time since I could vote that I was not able to vote. Why? There was no way when its 7:55 p.m., I’m going to make it to the other side of town before 8 p.m. to cast my ballot. I wish I was a magician, but unfortunately those were skills I just did not possess. So what am I saying here people?

First, make sure you are a registered voter! Don’t wait to the last minute to find out, because if you’re not, there’s a chance you won’t get the opportunity to cast a ballot. Second, know your polling location! You don’t want to be running around town like a chicken with your head chopped off trying to discover where you are supposed to vote. If you’ve moved your polling location is likely to change as well people. Lastly, try to get to the polls early.

I’m already considering not going to work or class that day to ensure I get to the polls and I get there early. I seriously do not want to be waiting in line to vote for 4-5 hours. In 2008, I got to the polls at 7am (right when they opened); I didn’t leave till close to 10am. So I expect long, if not epic lines this year when it comes to the voting process.

Remember, you have a right to VOTE, so many people fought tirelessly to have this right, please do not spit in their faces by not doing your civic duty that you have been given and YOU didn’t have to fight for.