HOLLYWOOD—Last week the tears were pouring from audiences as we bid farewell to actor Chandler Riggs aka Carl who died after being bitten by a walker. “The Walking Dead” is certainly making it clear to the audience that ANYONE, yes that even includes Rick (gulp) at this moment could meet his maker. After such an emotional week, things took a different direction this week in the episode, ‘The Lost and the Plunderers.’

This week things kicked off with Rick still mourning the loss of his son; the grief on his face said it all, just as Michonne continued to dispatch of walkers in the region. It seems Alexandria is no more, as Rick and Michonne packed up those remaining items they needed, but not before attempting to put out the flames on an iconic staple, but walkers make it impossible for the couple to accomplish. Michonne was baffled when Rick discussed seeking out Jaydis in hopes of getting their hands on some weaponry.

Negan sitting back in that seat totting his authority, as Simon worried about Gavin’s whereabouts. Little do they know Gavin is dead people! It is interesting to see many of Negan’s so called ‘power players’ start to question his authority and not just follow him blindly. Negan was NOT pleased to see Simon question his orders. Hmm, that special delivery that Negan and Simon opened from The Hilltop was Dean, who was now a walker. Simon wanted blood, but Negan wielded Lucille to send a clear message: DO AS I SAY OR ELSE?

I was wondering when the writers would revisit Enid and Aaron regarding the fatal shooting of Natania. The duo found themselves in the clutches of the ladies of the Oceanside. Hmm, looks like both Simon and Rick are looking to barter with Jaydis and the trash people, with Simon getting the opportunity to strike first. Simon wanted guns, Jaydis and company was not ready to budge, even though Simon wants everyone to be scared of him.

Simon started shooting people to show Jaydis that he was not messing around. Oh, he also wanted an apology people. I mean this was the very first time the audience got to see real rage on Jaydis’ face, as Simon unleashed absolute mayhem on Jaydis and her people. Let’s just say Simon lied regarding how he handled things with Jaydis while talking to Negan, just as Rick decided to deliver a threat that I’m certain he will deliver on. Expect repercussions for such actions in the near future.

Rick and Michonne were surprised to see that walkers descended upon Jaydis’ camp and she was in a destitute state of mind. Jaydis wanted to join Rick and Michonne, but neither were in the trusting move. So what do they do to ensure escape? They utilized car doors as an escape route, just as Jaydis begged for help to escape. She found a way to escape alright, utilizing sound and a grinder to take out a bevy of walkers. This is a very stripped down version of Jaydis that audiences have never seen, and I have to be honest I like it.

Negan wanted to puff out his chest, and when Rick delivered the news that Carl was dead, it seemed to seriously strike a chord with our notable villain. Rick made it crystal clear that he was out for blood and he planned to kill Negan. Rick was appalled when Negan asked how Carl died. So what people have speculated for months is true; Negan does sympathize with others and Carl was like a son to him.

Just when you start to like Negan he makes it clear he is still an a**hole, so that short-lived moment of empathy turned to rage for both gentlemen. Looks like next week we get back to visiting The Hilltop, The Kingdom and the rest of our heroes. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die hards!