HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe that the writing on “The Bold and the Beautiful” has become so predictable. I pegged this exact narrative months ago involving the Beth baby swap. Liam and Hope will break up, Thomas will schmooze Hope, they will get married, and out of nowhere the truth about Beth will come out blowing up a ton of lives in the process. Gosh, the level of predictability is not just insane, but utterly stupid.

This Beth storyline is dragging America, its dragging far longer than I want it to. Nothing is fun about wanting something to really come to light, yet it’s taken almost a year and we still haven’t gotten anywhere. More people know the secret and are keeping tight-lipped, Emma Barber has died, threats have been made, people have been drugged and the lies continue to spin.

However, we got a bit of hope (literally) this week in Liam who overheard a conversation that perhaps he shouldn’t have. Yes, we picked up the week right where last week left off with Thomas and Hope’s wedding. This is a disaster waiting to happen and I cannot WAIT till it blows up. No one in their right mind can tell me Hope and Thomas belong together. I mean Steffy, Ridge, open your damn eyes, your brother is delusional, HOPE DOES NOT LOVE HIM, SHE NEVER WILL!

Hope had a moment of clarity when Phoebe called her mama, little does Hope know that is her actual daughter. That trepidation was short-lived and Thomas and Hope are now husband and wife. You know it’s a marriage of convenience when Hope pulls back when Thomas went in for a kiss. However, it was the arrival of Flo that got things shaking. Why? She was drunk, falling apart at the notion of this lie destroying a massive number of lives and she was ready to confess. Too bad, Thomas and Flo still haven’t gotten the memo that you don’t talk about such a damaging secret in the public sphere.

Flo ready to blab was stopped by Thomas who noted she better take this secret to the grave. Liam from a distance overheard and knows Thomas has a secret. This is vital because Liam does not trust Thomas at all especially when it comes to Hope. With the wheels churning Liam alerted Wyatt and he started to dig about Phoebe’s adoption, which caused a bit of concern for Steffy. Yes, Steffy you and Taylor are in the hot seat for this quickie adoption that isn’t quite legal to say the least.

Wyatt was livid about Sally’s secret; Flo’s secret will leave him rattled to the core. I don’t see a happy couple in the near future. Wyatt wheels got churning when she mentioned doing things she never did before like having a baby. Ding dong, didn’t you have Phoebe? Yeah, Wyatt caught that and that information was passed along to Liam. I never expected in a million years for Liam to be the person to bust this baby bombshell wide open, but it looks like he might be the hero. However, my biggest concern are those rumors about a cliffhanger when the truth comes out and the fact that another death or deaths could be in the mix before Hope learns her daughter Phoebe is alive. This leaves minds wondering who will make it out alive and who will meet their fate.

And the icing on the cake was Douglas overheard his father stating that Beth was alive! Whoa, that is indeed damaging Intel, so I wonder how Thomas expects to keep his son in check to note divulge those details to Hope. We’re finally seeing the drama we’ve all been waiting for “Bold and Beautiful” fans!