UNITED STATES—California has long been recognized for its movie-star appeal, easy-going lifestyle and mostly liberal laws. So, it will come as a surprise that the only completely legal gambling places in the state, are the tribal casinos. And while this stands for regulating physicals sites, the online scene is a bit more confusing.

There are no specific laws that ban citizens from playing on online casinos in California, the legality of it lies in a grey area. Which is why, efforts have been made by the gambling industry to pass a bill recognizing the legality of online gambling, as to avoid confusion about the peoples’ rights.

The bill is one that has gained a lot of momentum. The public is eager to enjoy the games they want, freely, without restriction or unfinished legislation.

Take into consideration that US casinos are one of the largest industries out there, with a lot of untapped potential for growth, as demands go unanswered. Especially since a lot of the players look to play online rather than go to a physical casino. It makes absolute sense for interested parties to look for legalization.

What is happening now?

The government has to decide between dueling parties determined to get the best deal. On one side, the tribes in the state seek to maintain their beneficial position as the holders of all legal casino permits, facing a number of interested parties that want to be allowed into the casino business, and yes that includes online casinos too.

At the moment the Golden State prepares a voting resolution for the conflict between both sides, this will decide on many things, passing laws that might change the gambling landscape in the state forever, amongst them is the complete legalization of online casinos. If the latter came to pass it would open a large market for these businesses. Considering that California would be the fifth-largest economy in the world if it was independent from the US.

What would legalization mean?

It would boost confidence for those businesses planning to enter the California online casino scene, and more importantly, give peace of mind to those playing and enjoying the games. For the California state image, it would mean that they actually stand behind its liberal policies reputation and opening the state to even more economic development.

Will it pass?

It is most likely that it will pass, as Californians look to other states like New Jersey, getting their legislation passed and want the same for their own. The benefits surpass by far any contra arguments if approved, citizens would not only be allowed to enjoy gaming as they want but would benefit immensely from, the jobs the industry would bring and the taxes that would be reinvested in their own communities.

Californians enjoy one of the biggest economies in the world, legislate according to their interest in all manners, existing as a supe rpowerful state, so they will most likely choose what makes the most sense, and in the age of smartphones and apps, making online casinos fully legal makes the best case for everyone.