SAN FRANCISCO—A commuter at a San Francisco BART station was taken to the hospital on Wednesday, July 22 after getting her arm stuck in one of the escalators.

According to reports, the woman was heading down to the platform when she got her sweatshirt stuck, causing the skin below her elbow to become pinched against the escalator. Firefighters say that calls for help from bystanders began to roll in at approximately 3:47 p.m. Response arrived almost half an hour later at 4:16 p.m, according to San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson Mindy Talmadge.

The woman was treated for what officials say are non-life threatening injuries. She has not yet been identified, nor has it been made clear exactly how she got her sweatshirt stuck on the escalator.

The incident took place at Powell Station, located along Market Street in front of the Westfield San Francisco Centre. Over the past few months, the station has made headlines. Locals are familiar with the problems that have occurred on a regular basis

Commuter Michael Wong commented earlier today on Twitter: “Hey look! An escalator is out at Bart Powell Street station. Again.” He also tweeted a photo of the escalators in question, seen closed off.

Michael Wong’s tweeted photo from Powell Station showing the escalators out of service following the incident Wednesday afternoon.

In January, a man at the station was killed by an oncoming train after he apparently jumped into its path. According to eyewitnesses, his action appeared to be intentional. The man was confirmed dead 45 minutes after the incident occurred. The station was shut down for close to two hours as officials investigated.

It was only 10 days ago when the same station saw four people injured after an escalator malfunctioned and abruptly stopped. A man reportedly lost his balance, falling back and colliding into three women behind him. All were treated for minor injuries.