Yosemite Fire Update

Yosemite Fire

SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco water authorities are trying to fill water reservoirs before ash from the wildfire near Yosemite taints the clean water supply. Ash from the 234-mile wildfire has been falling on the city’s reservoir in Yosemite, but hasn’t reached intake pumps beneath the water yet.

Crews have been working hard to contain what is one of California’s largest wildfires ever. The fire is threatening several towns near Yosemite National Park. The fire was a mile away from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, which is where San Francisco gets 85 percent of their water, as well as power for the municipal buildings, the international airport and San Francisco General Hospital.

Due to the threat posed by the wildfire to San Francisco, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for San Francisco. The governor planned a visit to a fire base camp on Monday to meet with state and federal emergency officials.

By Luis Cuevas