“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: ‘Hot For Teacher’


HOLLYWOOD—Oh Ezra (Ian Harding), your secret may be on the cusps of coming out thanks to Spencer (Troian Bellisario).  In episode 18, “Hot For Teacher” Spence informed her BFF Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) of the newfound lead that she discovered, but Spencer’s current predicament put her in a peculiar situation. The episode opened with Shana (Ariel Miranda) speaking with Alison (Sasha Pieterse) about getting ‘something for her.’ What that something is, remains the mystery.

Aria (Lucy Hale) continued with the snarky dialogue, pointing out a ‘finger’ that could be used to describe Shana. Emily attempted to defend Shana, while Hanna noticed her BFF being super jittery. The girls were quite defensive about what action or actions not to take, but it looked like all the ladies were hiding some secrets. Spencer began popping pills and went into detective overload gathering information on Mr. Fitz in her attempt to piece together the puzzle; not even realizing that she had been up the entire night. Our favorite liar looks to be on another downward spiral.

Aria was a bit coy about spending time with Ezra, who wanted to revisit his hidden abode. Hanna got some assistance from Detective Holbrook (Sean Faris) with evidence obtained while her mom was a suspect in Wilden’s death. The brief conversation almost gave the indication that he was clueing Hanna in on things to search for. Mr. Fitz may have gotten the leverage he needs to prevent Spence from spilling the beans as he spotted her in the midst of purchasing prescription pills and he made threats to a notable investigator.

Aria chose to speak to the new counselor, in an attempt to decipher information in my opinion. Would she really tell a complete stranger about her relationship with Mr. Fitz? She would and then darted out of the room with no explanation, but guess who was watching: Ezra! This guy really does have ‘eyes’ everywhere.  Emily and Hanna conducted a stakeout outside Spence’s house, and noticed Shana coming out of the DiLaurentis house.  That Shana is one mysterious character who has connections with everyone: Jenna, Melissa, Alison and Mona, who’s next, Mr. Fitz?

Ezra decided to go digging into Spencer’s file and learned that Spence has ADHD medication; our literary genius may have discovered a new foe in his quest to take down the liars. Emily was a bit surprised to see Shana at her doorstep asking for assistance, while “A” took photos from a distance. Shana admitted most of her actions were to do work on behalf of Alison, and that he used Wren to gather information also. Its obvious Shana knows more than she is leading on; she admitted that Ali’s mom has no idea that her daughter is alive.  She was attempting to obtain a poster of French twins from Ali’s room; how notable is that poster to piecing together the mystery?

Spencer made a call to Aria about the new developments that she has uncovered, she didn’t really indicate that Ezra was “A,” but she really didn’t say he was at the same time. Aria admitted to her boy toy on their vacation away that she was not a fan of lying to her friends and family about their predicament. He attempted to reason with his naïve ‘girlfriend’ about where their relationship stands, and it apparently worked. He is a clever being at using his words to get what he wants.  Hanna confronted Spencer about her recent behavior, just as Detective Holbrook witnessed the entire situation.

Emily did a great cover up looking for a missing earring, to get the goods on what was hidden in the French poster.  It was a stash of cash given to Vivian Darkbloom; the big question is who gave the money to the nefarious Ali. Did everyone else notice the clue, that Aria was taking photos? Is it possible that she is assisting Mr. Fitz, who completely lied about not having chickpeas to get Aria out of the house? He later went to his secret lair. He literally has the scoop on the liars regarding every single move they make, but there is no way he’s able to continue this charade without any help, there is a larger player in the midst, hence, ‘The Lady in Black’ who was seen at Wilden’s funeral!

It was $5K that Ali had stashed, which left Emily debating on a place where to hide the funds, choosing to place the cash in a coffee bag. Bad idea would have been better keeping hold of it herself.  Shana later was confronted by a mysterious person that yielded a terrifying scream. Our newest detective, Hanna was certain to get the goods on Spencer’s latest foray and learned that her friend is investigating Mr. Fitz, but also looking to score more pills, and confronted her friend in a nic of time. Spence admitted to Hanna her run-in with Mr. Fitz at the bar. He was not pleased to discover that Spencer and Hanna were closing in on his identity; she noticed a camera inside the vent, which forced Spence to realize Mr. Fitz was watching them. Genius, that’s why I love Spencer, the girl always thinks steps ahead of her time.

I know this is far-fetched, but I have a weird inkling that Ezra has a twin! Spence informed Emily in on the new details about Mr. Fitz, but decided to keep things secret from Aria until they’re certain. Em later disclosed that Ali had a load of money stashed, but Shana went M.I.A. At a phone booth, Alison made a call to Shana’s cell; and Ali became quite alarmed.  It was obvious that “A” threatened Ali’s only resource quite good, just as Ali boarded a bus.

This is so sad, I can say for the first time in a long time I’m worried for Alison. The final moments depicted “A” holding onto a pile of prescription pads from Wren. My finger is pointed at Melissa, who else could have access to Wren’s info? Next week takes the audience into a film noir episode of the series.  Until next week “PLL” fanatics!

By LaDale Anderson