SAN FRANCISCO—Officer Broderick Elton of the San Francisco Police Department was featured on episode four of Fuse’s original documentary series “Transcendent” on Wednesday October 21.

The series follows a group of San Francisco transgender cabaret performers through their struggles and triumphs both professionally and romantically.

The episode centered on Xristina, an AsiaSF dancer, who was thinking about pursuing a career in law enforcement. Her inspiration for the possible career change stems from her experience as a victim of a hate crime. Her hope is to help protect her community just as police officers made her feel safe after her attack.

“When the officer came, they were focused on me. Seeing if I’m all right. That made me feel like a human. Sometimes people alienate us,” Xristina says in a segment of the show.

San Francisco Officer Elton sits down with Xristina to share personal insights about his experience as a transgender in law enforcement. He talks about his leadership role as the transgender liaison where he teaches outreach programs.

Elton discusses how he specifically uses his platform to reach out to the transgender community by helping them feel safe in reporting crimes. He mentions the importance of embracing diversity, saying, “Remember, all of your differences can be strengths. Don’t let anyone stop you.”

SFPD Police Chief Greg Suhr released the following statement regarding his appreciation for all the good work transgender officers accomplish.

“Numerous transgender officers serve or have served the City with distinction including a retired Lieutenant and a current transgender patrol officer who was elected president of her police academy class. I am proud that the San Francisco Police Department is one of the most diverse police departments in the country, if not the world and I hope that you will tune in to this episode of Transcendent,” said Suhr.

The latest “Transcendent” episode can be purchased via iTunes or Amazon Instant Video. Clips of the episode are featured on the Fuse website.

“Transcendent” which premiered on September 30, airs every Wednesday at 11:30 p.m. on the Fuse Network.