“Vampire Diaries” Fifth Season, Secrets Galore


HOLLYWOOD—“The Vampire Diaries” returned for its fifth season last week, yeah, it’s hard to believe the series has been on that long, with Silas (Paul Wesley) making his agenda very clear: he wants Katherine (Nina Dobrev).  This is indeed an interesting plot point for this season.

For those not up to date, in an epic battle last season, Elena gave her doppelganger the cure that Silas created, making her human.  This causes me to speculate that because Katherine is human, she may have some intuition into Silas’ weakness or how to defeat him. Elena and Caroline (Candice Accola) are off to Whitmore College. It appears they are the only ones of the bunch to head for a higher education.  With Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) back from the dead, Elena has asked her lover Damon (Ian Somerholder) to care for her little brother, while she is away.

It’s interesting that Elena nor Caroline have figured out that Bonnie (Kat Graham) is dead.  She is still a staple presence on the series as Jeremy talks to his former flame on frequent occasions.  I have an inkling Bonnie will be brought back from the dead, as she may be the key to destroying Silas once and for all.  Stefan is indeed a treat as the big baddie this season, playing dual roles; similar to co-star Dobrev, who has her hands full playing Katherine and Elena.  Speaking of Katherine, she is adjusting to life as a vulnerable human being.  Her vampire qualities are long gone, and it’s a treat to see the evil fiend on edge at any given moment.

She knows that Damon still has a soft spot for her, so as much as he hates the vampress, he will still protect her. Jeremy is having a difficult time adjusting to life post death, even his classmates are giving him a hard time.  I must admit, that is a difficult story to cover up considering his home burned down and the town had a memorial service as well.  His hunter instincts are still in play and he was dead on when he sensed that ‘Stefan’ was actually Silas.  For those wondering about Stefan, he is still at the bottom of that lake dying over and over again. It is cruel to see Mystic Falls’ resident good guy suffering at the hands of his evil doppelganger.

Back on the college front Elena and Caroline are in heaven, until they discover they have a roommate. Caroline has plans to torture the roomie, whereas Elena, would like to keep things PC. At a frat party, the girls discover as vampires, the places they can go are limited.  When their roommate, is viciously attacked and killed by a vampire, Caroline and Elena discover other forces are in play.  Just who attacked their roommate and more importantly, are the perpetrators aware of Elena and Caroline’s identity?  The photo of Elena’s father and their roommate has tons of fans speculating.  Is it possible that Mr. Gilbert is alive and kicking?

The big surprise of the night was Silas’ brutal attack on the residents of Mystic Falls.  First, he made it very clear to Sheriff Forbes that he was out for blood, by slitting her wrist to drink her blood.  She was in complete terror mode during the moment.  During the final minutes of the episode, Silas controlled the minds of the entire town square. He took matters to a violent place when he slashed the throat of Bonnie’s father killing him.  The moment was indeed heartbreaking in my opinion. Bonnie really has no one in her corner, except her mother; that mean’s we can expect Bonnie’s mother to return to the canvas.

“The Vampire Diaries” is indeed stirring the pot for season five.  There are sure to be more surprises this tantalizing season. The series airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

By LaDale Anderson