BENEDICT CANYON—According to reports, actress Emmy Rossum had over $150,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her home last week located on the 9700 block of San Circle in the Beverly Glen/Benedict Canyon area.

The burglars targeted two safes inside the actresses home. Authorities stated that the culprits broke a rear patio window and turned off the alarm before opening the safe.

TMZ reported that the 30-year old actress was in New York at the time of burglary indicating that when the housekeeper was at the home on Wednesday, March 22 all was fine. When the housekeeper returned on Friday, March 24 the power was off and a glass pane on the back door was broken.

Rossum is also a director and singer-songwriter. She is known for her portrayal of Fiona Gallagher in the Showtime TV comedy “Shameless,” alongside actor William H. Macy. On the show, Emmy plays the daughter in a twisted family living in Chicago. The family faces the struggles of an alcoholic father who left his 6 children to fend for themselves. Her character plays the caregiver of the children and supports them finically and emotionally.

Rossum has appeared in the films “Beautiful Creatures,” “Before I Disappear,” “Youre Not You,” “Coment” and “The Day After Tomorrow.”

The actress later sent out a tweet thanking law enforcement. ‘Thank you to the LAPD. I fully support the police efforts and dedication.”

Rossum is just the latest celebrity who has had her home broken into in recent weeks. Alanis Morissette was robbed of $2 million worth of jewelry and Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young was robbed of $500,000 worth of valuables. Along with Morssette and Young, the homes of Nicki Manaj, Jaime Pressly, Kendall Jenner, Yasiel Puig, Derek Fisher, and Cesar Millan have all been targeted in a string of robberies in recent weeks.

Pressly’s home in Sherman Oaks was broken into on Friday, March 17, just days after Jenner had her Hollywood Hills home targeted by thieves on March 15. Puig had over $500,000 stolen from his residence on March 7, where thieves broke in when the house was empty and made off with a collection of jewelry and watches, including three Rolex watches.

Authorities have not yet disclosed rather the string of burglaries are all connected.

Written By Callie West and Arjun Balasundaram