CALIFORNIA—Twenty-one California travelers were arrested for breaking Hawaii’s 14-day mandatory quarantine for out-of-state travelers. They have been pressed with charges, and have been sent back home to California. All 21 travelers are members of a group called Carbon Nation. The leader of the group is named Eligio Bishop, 38, and he has referred to the group as a cult.

Earlier in June, the group arrived on the Big Island and were seen together on the beach the day they arrived. Authorities arrested them the same day they arrived, after suspicion that they were violating the quarantine order.

A photo of Eligio Bishop, 38, the alleged leader of a cult who was arrested in Hawaii earlier this week. Photo provided by the Hawaii Police Department

Out of state visitors are allowed to Hawaii, as long as they remain in strict quarantine for 14 days. Visitors are not allowed to leave their residence or hotel for 14 days for any reason except medical emergencies. Hawaii’s quarantine order has helped to lower and maintain low coronavirus infection rates, compared with other US states.

Officials reported that Bishop and two others were released Monday, and flew back to Los Angeles after he did not admit guilt, but complied with the punishment. The other 18 individuals were released and flew back on June 16. He and another member said that they did not realize that Hawaii’s quarantine would be strictly enforced. All group members were tested out of precaution, and all have tested negative.

Authorities indicated that if anyone from the group returns and violates the quarantine again, they will be charged again. They are also investigating two short-term rental homes that the group used while on the island.