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Firefighters Injured In Four-Alarm Fire

Several firefighters were injured in a four-alarm fire on Thursday, October 20.

SAN FRANCISCO—Three firefighters were injured while extinguishing a fire on Thursday, October 20 in the Castro District. The injured firefighters were able to be treated on site, excluding one officer who was taken to the hospital for a broken wrist as reported by San Francisco Examiner.

Seven residents from two different buildings were displaced from their homes because of the fire. The blaze was contained shortly after 2 a.m.

At 12:17 a.m. the fire was reported on 27 Hattie St. By 12:40a.m.m the blaze escalated to a four-alarm classified fire as stated by San Francisco Examiner. According to authorities,  the building that originally caught on fire was a three-story vacant building wedged between two others housing an elderly couple, and another with adults and a child.

Firefighters have not been able to locate the people housed in one of the neighboring buildings, but believe it to be unoccupied after venturing into the building to check for anyone left behind. The Red Cross responded to the call and offered housing and other services for the displaced residents, according to reports.

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The initial cause of the fire has been attributed to a gas link according to ABC 7 news. “The gas line was ruptured right where we enter into the building, the front door there. There was a lot of fire throughout the building at that point so they had trouble making entry into the building,” said SFFD Batt. Chief Paul Crawford to ABC7 news.

According to SF Gate, Market Street and Hattie Street are currently closed in both directions.


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