UNITED STATES—If you’re overwhelmed at work and want to live in a place that feels a little more like an extended vacation: moving out West can feel tempting.  Not only is there more to do and see, but the weather and people here are also so vastly different that it can feel like moving to a foreign country at times.

If you’re ready for change: these are the three cities you should consider.

Way Out West?

Although moving out West is so popular, it’s become a cliche in American media; some still aren’t sold on the idea.  People move this way to get closer to industries and enjoy the gorgeous weather year-round.  The West is well known for higher pay, better options for jobs, and an incredible amount of delicious food and fun entertainment.  If you’ve never been further west than Chicago, these are some of the top cities you should consider moving to.

Portland, Oregon

Famous for its artsy and unique attitude, Portland is a fantastic city that understands why you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously.  This city is pushing towards being more green and invites its residents to do the same.  Although it’s expensive to live here, apartments in Portland, Oregon, are still large enough to be comfortable for most people and families, and public transit and biking paths ensure that you’ll never have trouble getting to work.  Whether you’ve never been to the West Coast, or you’ve visited hundreds of times: Portland is a city you’re going to fall in love with.

Billings, Montana

Many don’t think of Montana as the West, but it’s one of the best Western states out there.  While you’re here, consider traveling to Billings.  This beautiful little city has a perfect mix of mountainside and plains living that ensures the views surrounding it are always gorgeous.  With a heavy push for education and information, this city tries everything to ensure that people who live here have the chance to dig into the history of the state, learn about America’s growth, and the indigenous people who have always lived here.  It’s an amazing little city that anyone would be better for living in.

Pacific Grove, California

If you’re moving out West to get a view of the ocean and enjoy neutral beauty in your daily life: it’s time to make your way to Pacific Grove.  This city is known as the butterfly capital of the world because of how many monarch butterflies migrate here in the summer.  With an iconic lighthouse, an endless view of the ocean, and a population of just over fifteen thousand people, this city feels like paradise.  Many of the homes are Victorian-era, allowing you to enjoy beautiful living in a gorgeous home.

How to Choose

These are three cities of wildly different sizes and weather, but there’s no right choice that will suit every person. Instead, consider what matters most to you and what inspired you to move west!  Although it can take some time to settle on a city that you enjoy, enough amazing cities are dotting the western side of the USA that you’ll never run out of options!