HELLO AMERICA!─Since I have attended the Oscars since 1955, when the film “Carmen Jones,” the film where I made my debut was nominated as Best Musical. I welcomed the differences and changes the Academy has made in all phases of the prestigious award show. It was quite exciting to see an opening of the show to genuinely represent the motion picture industry with exciting music and dancing. Especially, since it was headlined by the talented singer-dancer, Janelle Monae.

She made the star-studded audience a part of the biggest surprise of the evening when South Korean director-writer, Bong Joon Ho who accepted four Oscars during the evening for his film, “Parasite.” He charmed the Hollywood group when he nearly danced up to the stage to accept the honored statue.

It would be quite a blunder if I left out applauding the appearance of Chris Rock and Steve Martin who many years ago when he arrived in Tinseltown was introduced to me at a very private party in Beverly Hills (it was also the night I was introduced to iconic composer Sammy Fain). He and “Rock” seemed a perfect team, sharing throwing jives at social and political current headliners. They brought the house down whenever reminding they both had previously hosted an Oscar ceremony, displaying their dismay. The audience loved it.

Other highlights of the evening included Brad Pitt “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” who rendered a very sincere speech concerning how grateful he was for all the attention received for this film. Hildur Guonadotter accepted an award for Best Original Score after 22 years of trying, and was in tears on stage. MY friend Joaquin Phoenix, who rocked his fans with his portrayal of the “Joker” was so surprised, he simply refused to acknowledge them; after downing a quick drink at the Academy Bar, rushed from the theater refusing to acknowledge fans.

He simply hid his face as he exited the building and fell into his waiting limo. It was quite an exit; he left everyone in shock and whispering. Another special moment was when Renee Zellweger walked away with the Best Actress Oscar for her performance as Judy Garland in the film “Judy.”

Peter Ford, son of late star Glenn Ford is working on a film script based on the life and times of his father. He said the book he wrote about Glenn several years ago only disclosed one side of his life; there were so many other sides which affected how he survived with his friends and, then, of course, his family.

“My dad was really a loner,” he explained, “however, there were times when he couldn’t stand being by himself. He would meet someone, an entire stranger at a place such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, and would invite the guy or woman to the house and treat them as if they had known each other for years.”

Peter also explained that he and his father had many difficult times together because he decided that he was determined to make his own decisions in life and how he needed to live it, which made Glenn, at times uncomfortable.

“I loved my dad very much,” Peter explained, “but I enjoy living a more real, simple life, especially, spending time with a very real, honest people who were not affected by the kind of life I had grown up in or existed in most of my early life living among some of the most famous people in the world, at times,” Peter noted that he believes that his story would be perfect for one of stations.