HOLLYWOOD—The battle to save Dina Mergeron on “The Young and the Restless” has reached epic proportions. I was certain when the truth about Graham was first revealed back in October that he was conning Jack, Ashley, Dina and many more. Well, after Jack made some threats ridding Graham from the Abbott clan; or so we thought. Yeah, the sinister Graham returned to the canvas last week, and wow, did he deliver a stunner to audiences.

When little Christian went missing, viewers thought the worst, but guess what? It was Dina who snatched the little tot, but what was later discovered was that Graham played a role in the incident. Now Graham is dirty, but I never, ever expected for him to stoop so low in his attempt to pull Dina away from Jack and Ashley. However, Graham traveled that route. Making the situation worse was his sudden appearance at the Abbott home where he tricked Tracy into allowing him to have one-on-one time with Dina only to lock her out the home.

This turned into World War III with Jack and Ashley rushing to the home to put Graham in his place. The bickering ensued, Dina remained defiant as ever in her attempt to grapple with her illness. That forced Jack to do the unthinkable when he delivered a brutal punch to Graham’s stomach before tossing him out the home. That only led to more friction; why? Graham utilized his power of attorney over Dina to remove her from the home.

It seems Jack and Ashley would be well aware that Graham would take any route possible to get what he wants if presented to him. So with Dina no longer in Ashley, Jack and Traci’s presence he took her to the country club, where Dina caused a scene when she realized that Graham was fixated with putting her into a home. Graham who has been in control of Dina up to this point, saw her spiral out of control, and forced JT and Victoria to intervene. Our undercover sleuth was manhandled by JT before Victoria warned Graham she planned to alert Jack and the others of what transpired.

With Michael by their side, the Abbott clan was ready to go to court to battle it out. The courtroom theatrics were full of surprises, especially considering Jack argued his case of why his family was fit to take care of their mother, just as Graham’s attorney brought up Jack, Traci and Ashley’s lack of interaction with their mother over the years.

As a result, Dina’s mental state fractured which I honestly think helped Jack and his case. With all this madness going on, Traci and Ashley burst into the court proceedings to reveal a shocker to say the least, a diary that Dina was keeping about her interactions with Graham and her suspicions.  However, the Abbott’s never expected the bomb that was dropped on them: Dina and Graham are married! Whew, Jack was livid and utter shock at the revelation. There aren’t many ramblings in Genoa City, beyond the fracture of Sharon and Scott’s relationship, Abby being forgiven by Sharon, and of course, Lily and Cane continuing to dance regarding the state of their romance. I mean they shared that steamy kiss, but it’s apparent bother are afraid of moving too fast.

Graham is sure spinning a twisted web and I presume we could be a looking a murder on the horizon, just in time for February sweeps.