HOLLYWOOD—Just when you thought things were becoming quiet with the Newman clan, Victor Newman and Abby Newman are stirring up plenty of trouble on “The Young and the Restless.” Let’s start our discussion with Abby Newman whose life has been a whirlwind after discovering her boyfriend Zach was using her to fund his sex ring operation. Yeah, Abby was taken aback with that revelation, and even after being held hostage by Zach at gunpoint, Abby is still swinging.

The big surprise, well, not quite (it was apparent months ago) that something would transpire between Scott and Abby, and it happened inside that storage unit thanks to Zach. Yup, Scott and Abby did the deed, and ever since the chemistry between them has been elevating. I mean Sharon had her suspicions, but now even Victoria can sense the sparks between Abby and Scott. Yeah, that does not make Abby happy because she hates when Victoria is right. Why?

Well her big sister has made her life a living hell, returning to Newman Enterprises to claim her spot beside dear ole dad. That irked Abby to the core, especially after realizing Victoria wanted her to play the role as ‘victim’ in the entire sex ring scandal. As a result, Abby made a rash move under the assist from Scott and resigned from the company. However, Scott was not by her side as she expected. In fact, he was promoted by Victoria. So that love/hate relationship between Scott and Abby is starting to blow smoke and plenty of people are beginning to catch onto the ruse.

Sharon has asked Scott to move in with her, and after that debacle of a relationship with Dylan, this is a major step for Sharon, but heartbreak is certain to transpire in the coming weeks when Scott’s betrayal comes to the surface. How will Sharon react and who will be there to mend her broken heart is up in the air America, but my suspicions hint that it might her one true love Nick!

Why do I say that? Well, Nick has been on the mind of the notorious Victor Newman. Victor has been quiet in recent weeks, but he is up to no good once again. For starters, it looks like he might be charming his way back into Nikki’s heart, as her relationship with Jack fizzled quicker than one could count to three. On top of that, Victor has dropped a hint to Chelsea that he knows her little secret regarding the paternity of Christian.

Now this is something I thought “Y&R” writers had abandoned, but with the latest turn of events I’m suspecting something big could be headed in the viewer’s direction about the big bombshell that has hovered for over a year. Chelsea could lose it all, Nick would be devastated, Victor would be vilified and could it be possible Adam Newman really isn’t dead? I mean this is the soap world people, unless you see an actual body, no one is truly dead. Let me take that back, even if you see a body, there is still a way for some people to survive.

It is imperative to note that Victor attempted to blackmail Tessa to take $100,000 to disappear from Noah’s life and Genoa City. Tessa, while tempted did not take Victor’s offer. Why? She wanted to be loyal to Noah, and Paul actually offered her something more promising. What? The opportunity to work undercover to obtain any dirt she could on Victor that could help the district attorney finally nail the elusive Newman who has escaped justice more times than one can count.

One important side note, I was thrilled to finally see the devious Hilary get her comeuppance, and just when you thought she would turn over a new leaf, Devon realized his treacherous wife is still the same old person. She’ll never change people, so where Devon, Hilary and Mariah go from her is up in the air people. Fingers crossed this Christian paternity reveal finally comes to light on “The Young and the Restless” it is well overdue!