HOLLYWOOD—We’ve been waiting for the truth for several months, and at long last the ABC soap “General Hospital” has revealed to viewers what we’ve known since Steven Burton announced his return to the soap: he is the REAL Jason Morgan. Not for once did I ever doubt that Patient 6 was not Jason Morgan. So I’m not disappointed by the reveal, but more so that the writers actually thought they were going to surprise the viewers with the reveal. We might be ambivalent at times, but we’re not stupid. If the writers really wanted to deliver a shock they would have had Billy Miller’s character turn out to be the REAL Jason Morgan and Steve Burton’s character as Andrew Cane.

So who was culpable in this big revelation? It was not Franco people; it was Dr. Andre Maddox, who revealed in some odd twist, that the memories of Jason Morgan were placed into both brothers to keep the ruse alive. The larger question of the hour is we still have no idea exactly WHY and WHO was the primary party who implemented this fiasco. I’ve talked about rumblings of Cesar Faison in recent weeks, and when the soap itself drops hints about Faison himself, I think that is a major clue that the evil mastermind who was holding Robin captive and has made Anna Devane’s life a living hell could return to Port Charles.

How do I know? Well Dr. Liesl Obrecht crossed paths with Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan and revealed she was unaware about the whereabouts of her lover. However, she later made a phone call to warn Faison that he might want to vanish as people are asking questions. That only connects to my theory that Britt Westbrook’s return to the canvas has to be connected to Faison himself. Why? He is indeed her father, and she was last seen scooting from town with her father in tow. I think the soap is planning to amplify a major reveal as we near February sweeps. However, we have to talk about the backlash of the Jason Morgan revelation. His loved ones are pleased with the truth, but Andrew is completely thrown by the news. Why? Everything he has come to know is a complete lie people. There is one person standing by his side though: Sam!

Yeah, I thought when the REAL Jason returned she would just drop Drew and return to her one true love. Nope. Sam has built a life with this guy, and the thought of cutting ties with him after the two rebuilt a life that she thought was stolen from her is epic. Why? I mean they have a daughter people, and this is a devastating blow for Jason who can’t seem to penetrate through Sam. She is standing by Drew and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, even with Dr. Kim Nero in the mix.

Yes, Tamara Braun is back on the soap, but not as Carly, but Oscar’s mysterious mom. She recalled Drew from his past in the military, which has many suspecting he could be Oscar’s father. I suspected that claim as well, but it seems way too easy for the writers to go down that route. What would be more fun is if Jason Morgan himself turned out to be Oscar’s father. I mean whoever the culprit is has to be a big name or someone that Kim is terrified of. What other reason would explain her reasoning to cover all her tracks to ensure Oscar never learns the truth about his heritage? That is not stopping the teen from digging with Josslyn by his side. I’m certain we won’t learn the truth until February sweeps as well because it’s already been months of teases and we still have no clue.

It is worth noting that Julian Jerome is once again a free man, and totting himself around Port Charles as if he did nothing wrong. His release from prison is not boding well with PC residents including Griffin and Sam. Sam is praying her mother never gives Julian another shot, while it seems Griffin might halt the brakes on his burgeoning relationship with Ava because of her brother’s return. I mean Julian did implement the hit to murder Duke Lavery, and Griffin, while able to forgive, will never be able to forget so that will cause friction in this new relationship.

I guess the question of the hour remains if Sam is off limits to the real Jason Morgan, who will become the next love of his life. I mean Franco is already on edge with the fact that Liz could abandon him to reunite with a lover that she failed miserable TWICE with. I mean Franco and Liz are engaged, so what could go wrong. We’re talking about Franco people, trust me something will indeed go wrong in due time. So now that we have a partial piece of the mystery solved, viewers are just waiting for the other shoe to drop in the Jason Morgan mystery. Come on “General Hospital” writers don’t leave us hanging too long.