HOLLYWOOD—I will admit I was not completely sold on Marci Miller taking over the role of Abigail Devearaux from Kate Mansi who was incredible in the role especially during that arc involving serial killer Ben Weston. However, Miller is really shining right now with her dissociate identity storyline. I mean we know Abigail was responsible for Andre’s murder, and that Stefan has been secretly pulling strings behind the scenes to protect her in an effort to get what he wants: Abigail herself.

Now, would I say Stefan is actually aiming to save Abby? No, he is more intrigued by Gabigail who is one of Abby’s alters who has taken over her mind. That struggle is very real as Abby slips between Gabigail and Dr. Laura, who seems to be the other alter aimed at protecting Abigail’s mental state when she is distressed. Stefan and Abby have swooped off to Hong Kong for business, which has not boded well with Chad one bit. Concerned about his wife’s wellbeing, Chad decided to surprise Abigail by going to Hong Kong, where Hope and Shawn were surprised to see the DiMera abroad.

Gabigail has been super busy doing her best to let her hair down and be her true self, unaware that Hope spotted Stefan’s mystery woman, but was unable to decipher exactly who she was. With Chad getting arrested in Hong Kong courtesy of Stefan putting drugs on him, the question remains just how long can Stefan and Gabigail keep this ruse going? Chad is lucky that Belle, Hope and Shawn were aboard otherwise he’d be a goner. For two brothers who hate each other’s guts, the truth is going to come out sooner or later, and Chad might finally prove he is indeed a DiMera after all.

We must discuss the other elephant in the room America, the trail that finally unearthed that secret between Lani and Eli. Yes, under pressure from Justin while on the stand, Lani was forced to reveal to the entire courtroom including JJ that she slept with Eli. It lead to an epic brawl where JJ rightfully so, decked Eli leaving a major bruise to the face. Oh, America it gets worse, because when JJ and Gabi discovered that the baby Lani was carrying was actually Eli’s it sent the scorned lovers into a warpath. Lani was regretful of course, that’s only because her true colors were exposed, and Eli did his best to reason with Gabi. However, I suspect this revelation will lead to Gabi and JJ rekindling their love in the near future.

There are other hookups to discuss as well America because Will and Paul (just like I predicted) took their friendship to the next level. So much for a happily ever-after between Will and Sonny, but don’t be too worried for Sonny because he might have a new crush he’s looking to pursue. What am I referring to? I’m referring to the addition of Greg Rikaart to the “Days” cast as Leo, a plant Vivian and Stefan are using to woo Sonny as they aim to take Titan. Hmm, Vivian you may want to be careful here. Sonny is one thing, but I seriously don’t think you want to go to war with Victor Kiriakis. That guy is a titan literally and he will go to extreme and I mean extreme lengths to get what he wants and to take out his enemies. And with Kate well aware that Vivian is up to something, she will spill the beans to Victor quicker than Vivian could count to 3.

Abigail was at a loss for words when she realized she was in Hong Kong with Stefan. It seemed to frighten Stefan a bit as Abi was desperate to get into touch with Chad after hearing his message, but Dr. Laura took over once again and delivered a performance to convince Chad that he’s looking at his wife and not one of her alters. Sooner or later Stefan is going to have to reveal the truth America, which means this already complicated mess is going to get even more complicated. I’m not sure what’s going on, but the month of March is turning out to be a major hit for all the soaps, including “Days of Our Lives” which just picked up another renewal.