HOLLYWOOD—Well, she is officially back! Yes, Michelle Stafford assumed her role as the one and only Phyllis Summers on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” this week. The audience has known for a few months that Stafford would take over the role that was previously portrayed by Gina Tognoni. Like I’ve always said, it is very difficult for another actor or actress to take on an iconic role. Tognoni brought a new Phyllis to the table; one that was quite likable to say the least, but we all know that Stafford is the one and ONLY true Phyllis people.

For those of you who are fans of “General Hospital,” you also saw the new Nina Reeves this week portrayed by Cynthia Watros. The verdict is still out on this one, but that’s for another day and another soap opera people! So Phyllis found herself being held captive by Kevin Fisher of all people, who was hoping to get Adam (who knows Chloe shot him) to reveal the location of his one true love. It was a game of cat-and-mouse between these two individuals, but it was Phyllis who is about to become the bigger power player of all.

Why? She managed to escape being held captive, which only intensified this war between Kevin and Adam. Adam wants revenge for Chloe nearly killing him, while Chloe has every right to want Adam dead: I mean he killed her daughter, Delia. Delia is never coming back and Adam never faced the music for that. The most arrogant of Victor’s children, has returned to his old roots gloating about his newfound financial prowess, while suing his brother Nick for custody of Christian.

We’re back to that same old cycle: Nick, Victoria and Abby against Adam. The only hiccup this time is Victor is not able to play referee to his children as he announced he is seriously ill and death could be knocking on his door. Victor Newman is a titan and we know he will beat this disease with flying the colors, but the question is which of his children will rise to the top and who will tumble? Adam is making enemies like a kid in a candy store, after filing that suit to petition custody of Christian from Nick. Even Victor thought the move was dirty and as a result kicked his son off his property.

In the world of love, Devon and Elena are getting much closer, just as Lola decided to accept Kyle’s proposal after he did things RIGHT. I sense all is great for ‘Kola,’ but that is not going to last long. While those couples are flourishing, Rey and Sharon have hit a major stumble courtesy of Adam. Adam without a doubt wants Sharon, but she doesn’t want him and hasn’t fully conveyed that to her former flame. I mean she wants Rey and needs to flat out tell Adam there is no chance, but Sharon being Sharon is likely to ruin the great thing that is sitting right in front of her.

Back to Phyllis, she decided to travel to Las Vegas to gather as much detail as she possibly can on Adam. I noted this woman was mad as hell, and it looks like the Phyllis Summers that audiences have adored over the years is back with a fire torch and I’ve been eagerly waiting to see her light Genoa City on fire! Jack, Billy, Adam, Lauren, Kyle, Nick and even Summer should be shaking in their boots right now, but when Phyllis strikes they won’t see it coming. This brings us to the news that I CANNOT believe no one in Genoa City could figure out: Chloe is alive! Yes, Kevin was forced to spill the truth to his brother who was well aware that Kevin was concealing a major secret.

The Newman family is bonding in the midst of a crisis, all are on Nick’s side, and there is Adam sitting on an island all by himself without any to be his champion. Does Adam care? Of course, not this is the fearless Newman, who is just as ruthless if not worse than his father, Victor.