SAN FRANCISCO—Hoodline and ABC7 News reported that on Christmas Eve that the African-American Shakespeare Company’s (AASC) production of “Cinderella,” which played at The Herbst Theatre on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, was among San Francisco’s top weekend events.

Based on the classic fairy tale, the musical (directed by Rodney Earl Jackson, Jr. and Marcelo Pereira) showcased its 22nd holiday season in San Francisco over the weekend. Officials disclosed that this year’s production, in addition to “all its timelessness,” would contain “a soulful twist.”

“Back by popular demand, the holiday season once again sees the return of this heartwarming holiday show where Cinderella, a young, beautiful dreamer, toiling away as a lowly scullery maid to please her evil stepmother (and oddly masculine stepsisters) comes in contact with a Fairy Godmother who means business with a capital B. Aided by the help of a little bit of magic, Cinderella finds her Prince Charming and learns that anything—even miracles—are possible when you believe in yourself. This holiday treat for the entire family has been delighting audiences for over thirteen years,” states the AASC on their website.

Sherri Young, Executive Director for the AASC, shared with reporters:

“Cinderella is a universal story. There is something inherently visceral in cringing at the cruel treatment of our heroine and then cheering and championing her on to finally reach her destiny. Our company is a Cinderella story also, and The Herbst is our invitation to the palace, where we dream of wonderful things taking place. But in reality it has never been about the dress, the shoes, the palace, or the even the Prince, but how we handle ourselves in order to keep rising that matters.”