UNITED STATES—I have been grappling with something in the past few weeks. I have a birthday coming up and it is a bit of a milestone, and it has really forced me to reflect a bit on life. I think that is the problem with birthdays is they only come once a year, but when they come you get to reflect a bit on the past, the present and the future.

I’m not huge on celebrations, they just don’t matter as much to me, as long as I spend time with the people in my life that matter, that is more important to me. However, each time you have a birthday there is a realization that you are indeed getting older, and things that you used to do when you were younger, you cannot get away with them as you age, not to mention you start to look at your future and where you want to be professionally, in relationships and so much more.

I was a night owl to a degree in my early and late 20’s as a result of a crazy work and school schedule. That has changed. My body doesn’t like to stay up late at night; it just doesn’t function as well. I’m an early riser. So, while people are sleeping, I am up, getting things done and I am more productive during that time frame people. I am a big proponent of celebrating yourself on your birthday so whatever it is you want to do and accomplish that should be a top priority. What other people want to do, who cares? It is your day; you choose what you want to do and have no cares in the world about what you do.

Now that doesn’t mean do something illegal or stupid which you will regret, use your brain people. However, I might be a lot older, but I do feel young at heart. I think it is indeed a plus that people think I’m much younger than I actually am. That tells me I am doing something right when it comes to my health and exercise regimen. Yes, as you get older the body does indeed start to break down a bit and you have to do a bit more than what you would normally do.

I don’t feel like I am getting older, even though I know that I am. I have reached a point in my life where you have to accept what is thrown at you and just navigate the best way possible. I do always get a cake on my birthday, even though I haven’t had one in the past two years, which is shocking. I have cut sweets down quite significantly in recent years so that might explain the lack of sugar.

That will change this year because I do plan to indulge a bit and for the first time that I can recall in years I am TURNING MY PHONE COMPLETELY OFF for 24 hours. I had no idea how addictive my phone can be and how stressed I make myself checking messages, answering calls, answering emails and just worrying about things that I absolutely cannot control in any capacity. Your age doesn’t dictate things in life unless you allow it to.

People always say act your age, but I’m a firm believer you should act the age that you believe you are, that doesn’t mean be an immature clown, but enjoy life and celebrate another day that you have lived because tomorrow is not promised, and so many of us tend to believe that is the case.