SAN FRANCISCO—A Bay Area Airbnb renter has been accused of stealing valuable belongings after video footage of the suspect rifling through their host’s home was released.

The incident occurred on April 27 in the 1400 block of 27th Avenue of San Francisco’s Outer Sunset District, but was not reported until June 8.

According to the female host, who has chosen to remain unidentified, the renter, 27-year-old Jana Dominguez of Richmond, CA, stole more than $35,000 in personal belongings. Items reported stolen included diamond jewelry, a telescope, a television and even foreign currency.

Home recording shows 27-year-old Jana Dominguez stealing personal belongings of her Airbnb host.
Home recording shows 27-year-old Jana Dominguez stealing personal belongings of her Airbnb host.

In the portion of the video released, Dominguez is clearly seen entering her host’s closet, opening and looking through cabinets, and committing other acts of intrusion. The host had originally told Dominguez that her closet and office, where she kept her most valuable belongings, were the only areas of the apartment that were off-limits.

Although Dominguez attempted to shield her face from the camera, police were easily able to confirm her identity on the footage. On Sunday, August 2, police issued a “WANTED” statement for Dominguez’s arrest, but later confirmed that they already found her in a Sonoma County jail on drug charges.

Dominguez may now faces additional charges for second degree burglary and falsely impersonating another person.

Short term rental company Airbnb, through which the rental took place, said in a statement that “our Trust and Safety team has been in close contact with this host to provide her with our full support,” according to ABC7.

The company maintains that cases like these are exceptionally uncommon. It does promise Airbnb hosts up to $1 million in compensation for any type of property damage at the hands of its renters.

Airbnb, a San Francisco-based company, was founded in 2008 and is now used in more than 34,000 cities across almost 200 countries. It currently sees more than 5,000 hosts in the San Francisco area alone.