Amanda Bynes Released After Court Hearing


NEW YORK—Actress Amanda Bynes appeared in court on Friday, May 24 after allegedly throwing a bong outside her midtown Manhattan apartment building.

Bynes, 27, was charged with possession of marijuana, reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence. Prosecutors requested a bail of $1,000, however, Judge Neil Ross had the actress released on her own recognizance. Bynes is scheduled to appear back in court on July 9.
The arrest occurred on Thursday, May 23 after police were called to her apartment building on West 47th Street. A building employee reportedly stated Bynes was rolling, lighting and smoking a joint while in the lobby. Additional reports indicate Bynes was seen speaking to herself.

Officers went to her apartment on the 36th floor where they saw heavy smoke and a bong. Bynes proceeded to throw the bong out the window in front of the officers. She then allegedly said to police, “It was just a vase.”

Bynes was taken to the Roosevelt Hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and then to a Midtown police station in order to be processed. She spent the night in jail prior to her court hearing. “My client completely denies illegally throwing anything out of her window,” said Andrew Friedman, her attorney for the arraignment. A bong has reportedly not been recovered. Friedman also plans to file a counter complaint against the NYPD for illegally following the actress into her apartment.

Bynes began as a child actor on Nickelodeon and has starred in several films, including 2010’s “Easy A.”

By Ivetta Babadjanian