HOLLYWOOD—After about eight episodes, I have finally been hooked on the new OWN series “Ambitions.” I mean when I first saw the teaser I thought the show was going to be a must-see, however, after watching the pilot episode, I was not thrilled with what I was watching. Nothing truly hooked me the way that I wanted to be hooked by a good TV series. However, this week’s episode, ‘Giving Up’ really sold me in a major way. Why? One word: Robin Givens! Givens is truly the glue to the series that makes it a must see, her villainess side was always teased from the start of the series, but she really amped things up this week.

How so? She managed to get everything she wanted, but in the process she alienated everyone who cared for her. I mean it was juicy good TV America. First, she managed to halt her sister-in-law Rondell’s focus to stop a development opportunity via her client Greg Peters. She was on cloud nine, even though her hubby, Evan Peters was not happy his sister was dealt such a blow. Evan and Stephanie have a marriage of convenience people; they really don’t love each other, but use one another to advance their opportunities.

So with Rondell neutralized, Stephanie made her next power move to get Evan’s sister and father to go into business with the enemy and promised them all they wanted, little did they know Stephanie had no intentions of honoring those terms. Oh, the deception it was delicious to watch. If you thought that was bad, things get better people. Stephanie was not happy to learn her former flame Titus was arrested for assaulting Damien Collins, a member of the United States District Attorney’s Office.

There is definitely something disturbing about Damien. I mean this guy has cameras in the Hughes household. He is adamant in his abilities to break up the marriage between Amara and Titus yet again, and he went into business with the Devil, literally in Stephanie Carlisle. Yes, Stephanie brought Damien to Atlanta to get back at her former pal. When Damien went off script, Stephanie made threats and she utilized a gun to do it. Damien did not see that coming and I must say it was thrilling to watch. I seriously think this woman will kill to get what she wants.

Back to Damien, he hooked up with the IT guy to get dirt on Amara and her internet habits. Some of you might be saying why this is a bad thing? Well, Damien is apparently straight, but I’m not so sure about that anymore America. Back to Stephanie, because her latest stunt was the worse of them all as she trapped her daughter, Carly’s girl toy, Laurie into a threesome. Laurie had no idea that Stephanie was behind the set-up, and that she planned to leak video if she did not break up with her daughter.

The episode was fantastic because Stephanie got everything she wanted, but then the walls came crashing down during the final moments of the episode it showed a side of Stephanie we had not seen: regret. Eager to get Rondell to sign that contract before she could read it, she dropped a bomb on everyone. Not only did it piss off Rondell, her father, Evan, Carly, but also Inez, Bella’s mother and a few members of the community. For the first time I can recall, it appeared that Stephanie experienced a bit of remorse, but with this woman and her ego, it will not last long.

What sucks about “Ambitions” taking this long to hook the audience is we only have two more episodes left before the season finale and we’ve been promised a deadly outcome. I have a pretty good idea who might have a date with the Grim Reaper, but I would be happier if there was a twist on who dies that I didn’t see coming. For those of you not in the know, “Ambitions” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on OWN.