HOLLYWOOD—It has taken me a minute to really get invested in the new OWN series “Ambitions,” but it was episode nine that really hooked me because all of Stephanie Carlisle’s devious bones came to fruition in an epic way. The mid-season finale only amplified that chaos, and it was not solely because of Stephanie, but her father Steven Carlisle. If you’ve ever wondered where Stephanie’s dark side comes from, look no further than her father people.

The episode, amply titled ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ lived up to its name with tons of twists and turns I never expected. Stephanie learned that her master plan to destroy Amara and Titus’ marriage worked. She was in glee, until her father discovered that Carly was hooking up Lori Purifoy. He was livid, and not just because she was sleeping with the enemy, but because she was gay. Evan was having none of it and stood up for his daughter and his wife. A battle is raging between father and daughter, this should be fun.

Amara’s trump card to bring down Greg Peters was on edge about testifying, but when Amara presented evidence it changed everything. Why? He took a gun and blew out his brains. So much for that witness, but don’t expect Amara to give up so quickly. Why? She is a woman with nothing to lose now that Titus walked out on her, and that means her thirst for vengeance is massive. Bella continued her flirtations with her new business partner, unaware that he is secretly working with someone. Hmm, I wonder who that person is. I want to say Evan, but that is way too easy right America?!

Titus was not fully happy with his position at Purifoy, as his boss who is not only a blatant racist, but ignorant, pompous a** questioned his motives. Rondell was ready to continue her fight for her mother’s restaurant by getting those signatures again, but Greg Peters interrupted that celebration which resulted in Senior utilizing a shotgun to remove Peters from his property.

Steven really showed his power in this episode, and I loved every minute of it. He informed Stephanie he was well aware she was sleeping with Greg Peters, and that he was taking her case from her. Stephanie was not happy, but what daddy says goes. Amara paid Greg Peters a visit to let him know the authorities are onto his bribes and threats that he has been making. Cue Peters second threat of the episode, this time from Steven, who made it crystal clear he is in control of things. His father has given him the clearance to take him out if need be and he warned his client if he sleeps with his daughter again, he’ll be sure to place a bullet in his head. Wow, I thought Stephanie was wicked; she has nothing on her father.

The tension in this episode was terrific. Carly was ready to leave town to get as far as she can from her mother. After resisting temptation, Bella gave into her business partner’s demands and it was a massive mistake. Why? While she was busy in the bedroom, someone snuck into the apartment and kidnapped Joaquin right underneath her nose.

Mayor Evan Peters found himself in a dicey predicament as one of his sex kittens was found dead. Evan reacted with panic and rightfully so, because now someone has to clean up a major mess on his behalf. Titus and Stephanie had lunch, where he gave sad, puppy dog looks, which Stephanie immediately picked up on. Yes, she knew his marriage was blown up, but acted as it she didn’t. He was being tempted and what he did next would change everything.

Why? Stephanie finally got revenge on Amara for stealing Titus all those years ago. It was only made worst because Amara caught them both inside a hotel room. If we thought the war between these two ladies was bad before, this only makes it worse. Just wait till she finds out Stephanie was the reason Damian Collins was brought to Atlanta. We really haven’t seen Amara’s dirty side, but I sense that is about to emerge in an epic way.

The episode concluded with the mystery of who would meet the Grim Reaper being revealed. I was certain that person might be Rondell, but nope. A mystery figure cloaked in all black fatally shot Senior and it was done in brutal fashion. This is a major game changer because of Senior’s connection to so many people in Atlanta. For starters, his son is Evan Peters and I can trust that Evan will be out for blood to find out who murdered his father, not to mention Rondell is likely to point that finger directly at Peters. While all signs point to Greg Peters, he’s seems too easy of a suspect, so I expect a twist along the way.

With that said, I cannot wait until the second half of the first season of “Ambitions” returns. It took some time to gain its footing, but now that it has it, I’m all in!