UNITED STATES─There is nothing I want more than to go to an amusement park this summer. It is a staple for me and my family, especially during the summer months. Rather its Universal Studios, Disney Land, Disney World, Six Flags, Cedar Point or some other festive place, any getaway that I can get I’m all for it. Why? It allows you to be outdoors, but more importantly, I get the opportunity to get my adrenaline thrill for the summer.

Yes, I am someone who loves a great adrenaline rush and you don’t get that better than on a roller coaster if you ask me. Look, I have been to almost every single amusement park in the world, and nothing compares of comes close to Cedar Point. This place is riddle with thrill rides, those who want minor butterflies in their stomach and those who want major butterflies in their stomach. I have been asked this question time and time again, would you really wait in line for 3-4 hours for 2-3 minutes of excitement from a roller coaster?

The answer to that question is without a doubt. At first, it can be quite annoying especially when it is very hot outside, but if you can just put the heat in the back of your mind, it will totally be worth it. I recall one time at Cedar Point I waited nearly 3 hours to get on the Millennium Force. This used to be the one rollercoaster that petrified me to the core. Why? Well it has a 318 foot drop, and the coaster is literally right next to Lake Erie. Don’t ask me why, I just have a major fear of being around large areas of water; they just don’t bode well with me.

However, after riding the coaster once, it instantly became a favorite for me. It is a must-see for me each week no matter what. If the ride is open, I’m waiting hours to get on it, I prefer not to wait hours, but I’m not the only thrill seeker out there America, so it comes with the territory. On top of that, it’s fun to map out which rides or coasters that you would like to get on first. Why? You can tackle a slew of rides all at once or place yourself in a situation where you’re jumping around all over the place.

I am not a fan of really jumping around from one location to another location to get to ride a specific coaster. It’s better to just hit all the rides you adore in that specific region before moving onto another section. Get you a ride or die partner. You always want to have a buddy or two when it comes to riding. I will admit things are vastly different with this current pandemic. Seats are being skipped, the number of people who can wait in a line has been sliced in half and you have to wear a mask. That is the one that has me scared the most people. The notion of being hundreds of feet in the air, yelling or screaming and possibly swallowing your mask or something just scares me speechless.

With that being said, nothing is more exciting than enjoying carnival food as I call it. Candy apples, caramel corn, popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, funnel cakes, taffy and so many other treats is like the final icing on the cake if you were to ask me. I mean you cannot eat and ride at the same time if you want me to be honest, but I thoroughly enjoy eating AFTER I have rode all the rides that are on my list. Eating something heavy then getting on a ride that spins or has a massive drop may not agree with your stomach people. So tread with caution. However, this pandemic has taken a summer time staple away from me and I’m hoping to get it back really soon.

Written By Zoe Mitchell