SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, September 14, philanthropist, designer and society figure Ann Getty died from a heart attack at the age of 79 in San Francisco her husband Gordon Getty announced.

Getty and her husband, who is an oil heir and billionaire, reside in the Pacific Heights neighborhood. They married on Christmas Day in 1964 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Getty Family released the following statement:

“Mrs. Getty was a devoted mother of their three sons and six grandchildren. Generosity, in friendship and philanthropy, was a hallmark of Mrs. Getty, who opened the family home to numerous fundraisers supporting a range of nonprofits.”

A native of Wheatland, California, Getty devoted her intellect and curiosity to her lifelong pursuits in the fields of anthropology, publishing, interior design, and childhood development as the founder of a San Francisco preschool, her family said.

Getty was a benefactor for arts and cultural non-profit organizations for over 40 years, including UCSF, the San Francisco Symphony, Benioff Children’s Hospitals, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, the San Francisco Opera, the Leakey Foundation and the Napa Valley Festival.

On social media, San Francisco Opera described Getty as one of the great champions of art in San Francisco as she leaves a legacy of generosity and passion, fostering innovation in opera and beyond.