SAN FRANCISCO—Officers from the San Francisco Police Department Tenderloin Station detained a suspect for an armed robbery. The victim was a woman who had her cell phone stolen on a BART train at the Powell Station. Officers chased down and arrested the suspect, whose name has not been released to the public. 

According to reports, the suspect has been identified as a 19 year-old subject from Richmond. He was armed with a stolen semi-automatic gun.  The phone has since been returned to the victim.

Authorities have made several similar arrests earlier this week. Officers arrested Tommy Isaac, 34, after they received reports of an armed suspect on Ellin and Leavenworth Street.  Isaac was a parolee in San Jose, California. Police recovered a firearm that the suspect had in his possession.

On November 27, authorities arrested two more suspects in possession of loaded firearms.  One of the suspects has been identified as Shakir Clark, who was taken into custody at Jones/Golden Gate Avenue. The other suspect was arrested at Eddy and Mason Street, but his identity has not been released to the public.  Both suspects remain in police custody.