HOLLYWOOD—The third season of “Arrow” has been filled with twists since the first episode. Rather it was the unexpected death of Sara Lance, to the ‘death’ of Oliver Queen himself; the series has done a great job at playing with the emotions of the fans.

The third season finale ‘My Name Is Oliver Queen’ saw the battle between the Arrow and Ra’s al Ghul come to a riveting conclusion. Felicity, Diggle, Laurel, Malcolm and Ray all found themselves very much alive and the addition of Barry Allen aka ‘The Flash’ to rescue the team from sure death was a nice addition. I must say I’m loving the cross-over between “The Flash” and “Arrow” during TV series.

On their journey to Starling City, Ra’s al Ghul learned the hard way to not double cross Oli, as a plane defect led to an epic battle between the foes and well it’s apparent who got the upper hand. In a flashback sequence, Oliver proved that his ability to torture reached unspeakable heights after the death of Akio.  The gang worked together to devise a plan to halt certain destruction to Starling City once again, but not before Oliver and Nyssa joined the party.

Felicity was none too pleased to discover that her tortured lover had no plans to survive; that is indeed gutsy of our noble hero. Fracturing relationships to the point where they are irreparable. His closet allies were not willing to forgive his past transgressions. We learn Ra’s nemesis Damien Darhk has arrived in Starling City, making an enemy a friend of a foe. Hmm, I have a feeling Mr. Darhk will play a role in the upcoming season four of the series.

Laurel had a confrontation with her father about his drinking, not to mention her attempt to save the city from absolute destruction. To see her admit that they’re both alcoholics was a revelation to say the least. Olicity had a conversation about fate, and a dream that has haunted Oliver for weeks. Indeed a tender moment that seemed to foreshadow something bad to come.

Diggle was the first to spot a runner with the briefcase, he was almost in trouble, but Thea arrived to save the day, but not really. Ra’s people sacrificed their lives to unleash the virus onto its people, and Oliver met face-to-face with his tormentor and took him out once and for all. The icing on the cake, Oliver was near certain death, but was saved by Felicity who was cloaked in the ‘Atom’ costume. So much for the big death of the season?

In a game-changing moment, Oliver decided to retire the Arrow once and for all, which left me speechless, just as well as the rest of the residents of Starling City. The episode concluded with Malcolm assuming the role of leader of the League of Assassins, Felicity and Oliver cruising off into the sunset, and Ray possibly dying in an explosion at Palmer Technologies. Well we know Ray isn’t a goner because he’ll appear in The CW spinoff happening in the fall.

“Arrow” sure finds a way to torture fans each season; I’m just dying to see how Mr. Oliver Queen will return to the canvas after this latest twist. With no major deaths in season three, I have a feeling season four will be a game-changer for the series.