HOLLYWOOD—Oh, we knew Ashland Locke was keeping a whopper of a secret about his past on “The Young and the Restless.” Yes, Billy Abbott has been digging and digging, because guess what its Billy Abbott, he has NOTHING ELSE TO DO. I don’t think I have been more annoyed with a character than Billy the past few months on “Y&R.” I mean do the writers NOT have any content for the character, because it totally feels like that. Billy’s constant poking forced Ashland to confess some details about his past to Victoria.

What did he share? His upbringing was not as pleasant as he has shared in the past. He grew up with an abusive and alcoholic father and in poverty. In addition, as a teen he left home and never looked back becoming the business mogul that he is today. Oh, one more thing, his real name is NOT Ashland Locke! That is indeed a big one that has Billy really digging for the truth, but Nick, Nikki and Victor questioning what Ashland doesn’t want to come out.

I mean it’s crazy that the people digging the most are the ones who have kept a whopper of secrets from people. I mean Victor you failed to mention Adam was a child of yours before Adam exposed it, Nick you did some devious things as a kid that led to you almost being killed and Nikki let’s not even get started on your crazy past. Everyone has secrets, be careful of the ones that you expose because someone might return the favor to you and you will not like the result when it is exposed people.

With that said, Victoria is a bit concerned about Ashland’s past because he’s lobbying threats, especially in Billy’s direction and to be honest I cannot wait to see him follow thru with that threat. Perhaps bringing Chancellor Communications to its knees would be a great start. With that said, someone from Ashland’s past has made their presence known, unleashing text messages letting him know that the truth will come out unless he pays up $3 million. So Ashland wants something kept under wraps and Billy spotted that tense conversation so he knows a secret is being kept, it’s a question of what is that secret.

So I will just call it now, the big secret about Ashland Locke is likely to come out in October or closer to November Sweeps and I just hope the secret is a jaw-dropper considering how much suspense is being spun around Locke and his past. That is not the only narrative, but it’s the most important at the moment. Adam and Sally are still dancing around their situation, so much to the point that Sharon has spotted it. It has caused some friction with Connor who is worried that his parent’s spilt is a result of Sharon. Well, Connor it is true even though Sharon and Adam are telling you otherwise.

That conversation with Connor resulted in him running off and Sally being a lending ear to the kid which is only strengthening her bond with Adam if we’re honest and I love these two together; time for some fresh blood people. There is no point talking about Elena and Nate because there is nothing going on there, same with Devon and Amanda at this point. If there is any drama worth mentioning it’s the relationship between Mariah and Bowie, oops I mean Dominic. Abby is being a bit cold in icing Mariah out from Dominic’s orbit. I mean Abby Dominic is by blood Mariah’s son and she carried him to turn while being held captive by your crazy ex.

She is suffering from the trauma of that kidnapping, but more trying to severe ties with a child that she has such a strong bond to. Tessa knows what she is experiencing, but Abby, Devon and everyone else has no clue. Abby wants to hire a nanny that is NOT Mariah (that’s cold) and decided to make her a godparent, but it was not enough. Mariah knew she had to severe ties and decided to move out of the Chancellor estate.

It left Abby and Devon gutted, but at the same time it seems like they have come to the realization that Mariah’s bond with the child is way stronger than they ever imagined. However, that was not the kicker, it was Mariah revealing to Tessa she wants a child and Tessa should carry it! Tessa was not expecting that bomb and it was obvious this could be the thing that fractures their relationship for good.