VENTURA—Barnes & Noble has much to offer customers, not only books. The business reaches out to the community with events such as: Weekly Storytimes, Book Groups, children’s activities, etc. Barnes & Noble will be hosting ASL Storytime in Ventura, California. This happening is a partnership with Tri-County GLAD to bring more awareness and inclusion to the deaf and hearing communities.

The Community Business Development Manager at B&N, Julia R. Palacio, talked with Canyon News about the event. She shared that this event has been taking place before she was working there. This is encouraging and a great support for the deaf community and it is a good example of how ASL is expressive and interactive. Stories in ASL for children are presented with even more exaggerated expressions and bigger motions. Both hearing and deaf, can see the picture being painted by the storyteller.

Also, stories in ASL are beneficial in the same way they are for hearing children. They are fun, educational, and engaging. It has been researched by Tiara V. Malloy in Sign Language Use for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing Babies: The Evidence Supports It, in July 2003 that, “Use of sign language with children—hearing or otherwise—is known to promote early communication, since children can communicate with their hands sooner than they can master verbal skills.” ASL Storytime at B&N plays right into the benefits this language can bring to children.

Barnes & Noble and Tri-County GLAD are proud to offer this event to the community and welcome all to come. The next event will be held on Friday, June 16 at 7:00 p.m. For more information regarding this ASL Storytime, visit