HOLLYWOOD—With summer slowly fading away, the drama is indeed heating up on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” When we last talked, the tale of the hour was the arrival of one of the wicked Cassadine members ever, Valentin making his presence known on Cassadine Island. Well, since that bombshell, Valentin has made his way to Port Charles, charmed Nina Clay, but has found himself in a Port Charles jail cell, where his victims Lulu and Dante are hoping to ensure he stays locked away.

Everyone wants a happily ever-after, but I’m sure Valentin has plenty more surprises to unleash on PC. I mean we all know Nikolas is slated to return to the canvas any day now, I wonder how he’ll respond to the family that left him for dead? Speaking of family, it looks like what many speculated for weeks has been confirmed, Sam is pregnant with Jason’s baby, but her health may not be in the best shape to carry a child to term. She’s an emotional wreck and Jason is by her side like a rock.

Too bad her mother Alexis is still dealing with massive drama thanks to Julian who has finally been placed behind bars for his involvement in the murder of Carlos Rivera. Julian is certain that he will escape the charges, if that is indeed the case, I can see a murder mystery about to get underway people. Why? Julian has made so many enemies there are a number of people who would love to see him get whacked. I mean for starters, Carlos’ twin brother, Joe has arrived in PC and looking to bond with his nephew Teddy and it looks like he has a spark for Sabrina. Isn’t that shocking she has never mentioned a word of this twin to anyone in town?

Morgan continues to pine after Kiki who obviously still has eyes for Dylan who is doing his best to distract himself from Kiki. In comes Ava Jerome, who wants to play matchmaker with her daughter’s love life. I mean Ava, you’ve slept with your daughter’s boyfriend aka husband on more occasions than I can count. You are no saint, and should stay clear of any involvement. Morgan’s jealousy is indeed written all over his face, especially every time he runs into Dylan. So we can expect a fist fight between these two alpha males any day now people.

Oh, we have to talk about this silly kidney transplant storyline involving Joslyn, Jax, Sonny and Carly. Yes, Jax is back in town people, but one would suspect a much meatier storyline to draw him back in town. I mean I stunned that this is the best that the writers could come up with. Not to mention that this storyline has very little if any interest. Unless there are some epic twists in the works, I really don’t see this storyline going anywhere and it’s a waste of talent from the actors and actresses involved.

Nina is still hung up on having a child, and for nearly 2 years it has been teased that Kiki could indeed be Nina’s long-lost daughter, but considering that has not come to fruition, is it possible that Nina has a son out there who has been under her nose this entire time in Port Charles? We all know her Dr. Obrecht knows a dark secret about Nina that has yet to surface and she has teased to it in the past. If the writers were smart they’d start to unearth this bombshell to bring a bit of much needed drama into Nina’s life. Until then, Nina has tasked Curtis with finding her a child, let’s see how this turns out.

On the relationship front, looks like Rachel and Finn are still getting close amidst his secret drug addiction. Her world only got crazier when she learned that Nikolas wasn’t really dead, but hiding out on Cassadine Island. Too bad she lost hope, when she soon found out he was then fatally shot. Don’t forget that little birdie who whispered that Naomi is keeping a whopper of a secret from Hayden and Liz, that theory about those two ladies being sisters might very well be true people!

Also things are heating up between an unlikely couple in Franco and Elizabeth. Would have never expected it in a million years, and to see Liz defend her relationship with Franco against Sam and Jason? It will be very interesting to see where writers take this storyline, especially considering that Liz and Franco have done some horrible things in the recent years. “General Hospital” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC.