SAN FRANCISCO—Officers with the San Francisco Police Department dressed in plainclothes from the Central Station investigated a known auto burglary suspect vehicle on May 7 around 1 p.m. where an officer-involved shooting transpired. At least three suspects were in the car on Varney Place near Third Street, one who was shot by gunfire.

Two suspects fled the scene, while officers aided the injured suspect. Medics arrived at the scene and transported the suspect to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries according to the San Francisco Police Department.

SFPD Public Information Officer, Robert Rueca, said in a press briefing that the adult male suspect is not facing life threatening injuries. He declined to say how many times the suspect was shot, how many bullets were fired, or if the suspect had a weapon.

The injured adult male suspect has not been identified. The vehicle and the suspects who fled the scene remain outstanding according to the police department’s report.

Ruenca said the incident is being investigated by the San Francisco District Attorney Office Independent Investigations Bureau, the San Francisco Police Department Investigative Services Division, the SFPD Internal Affairs Division, and the Department of Police Accountability.

“Every time we have an officer involved shooting a townhall, within 10 days, will be conducted and we will provide information as we can,” said Officer Rueca.