SAN FRANCISCO—A San Francisco man is being charged with a deadly shooting that killed one person and seriously injured another on March 29 at 24th and Mission streets at a BART station.

Keshon Wilson, 20, was working for a private power wash company around 9 p.m. when he approached a group of people at the station and opened fire.

Isaiah Cardenas, 26, was shot three times in the back and died on the scene. Another victim survived five gunshot wounds to the abdomen and shoulder by flagging down a police car. San Francisco Examiner first reported, that he was taken to the hospital after removing some clothing and a firearm.

Wilson fled the scene of the shooting in his work truck and was arrested on Friday, April 30 after returning from a “sudden unplanned trip to Las Vegas,” prosecutors stated.

He appeared in court on Tuesday, May 4 for the first time and is expected to be arraigned on May 18. An attorney who represented him on the first day did not immediately respond to the request for comment, the paper read.

Wilson is being charged with murder, attempted murder, assault with a semi-automatic firearm and assault causing great bodily injury. If he is convicted, he could face a maximum life sentence in state prison, The San Francisco Examiner reported.

Authorities have not expressed a motive for the attack.