SAN FRANCISCO—The autopsy report for Mario Wood, 26, was released to the public on Friday, February 12. According to the autopsy, Woods was shot and killed by officers from the San Francisco Police Department  after they  fired at Woods 21 times.

The report indicates, six shots were fired in Woods’ back and two to his head.  Woods was shot in the back, arm, hands, buttocks, legs, and had methamphetamine, THC, and antidepressants in his bloodstream at the time of the incident.

On December 2, 2015, SFPD officers were responding to a call indicating that Woods was a suspect in a stabbing that occurred that day. When police arrived, Woods was armed with a kitchen knife with blood on his clothing. Police instructed Woods to drop the knife multiple times without avail. According to police, several bean bags rounds were fired at Woods, which were evident in his autopsy report from five injuries on his chest, forearm, hip, thigh, and calf. Authorities attempted to pepper spray the alleged suspect, but were not successful at disarming Woods.

His family is currently in the process of filing a civil rights lawsuit against the SFPD. Attorney John Burris stated the family was devastated to see the results of so many shots fired at Woods’ back. Although Woods suffered from mental health issues, Burris said the SFPD failed to assess Woods’ mental state and recognize Woods was impaired. “Because he had meth in his body, that’s not a death warrant,” Burris stated. “Even not following commands by the police doesn’t justify using deadly force in this case,” he added.

Protests across the Bay Area have taken place for months since the incident. Protesters have called for the five officers to face criminal charges, as well as the resignation of SFPD Police Chief Greg Suhr. Further investigations will be taking place with the autopsy report serving as a key component to the sentencing of the five officers.