HOLLYWOOD—We have been patient, we have been waiting, and after months of wondering if Ava Jerome would pay for her past crimes, the writing may finally be on the wall people on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Ava was mere seconds from grabbing those pills from Lucy that she swapped of Morgan’s to ensure that he would break things off with her daughter Kiki. Yes, Ava is VERY CULPABLE in the death of Morgan!

Well, Ava never expected the bar to be robbed and that crucial piece of evidence that she has desperate to get her fingers ahold to would fall into the hands of the Port Charles Police Department. Yep, Dante discovered those pills and the theories started to fire off in his head. So much to the point that he started to utilize his detective skills and all signs pointed to Ava. When questioned by Dante, Ava did her best to present a plausible case, but it was apparent that Dante was not buying what was being sold.

So he later revealed details to his father Sonny about the pills that he discovered. Sonny being Sonny knows that something is up and he’s not willing to let things go. He’s suspected for quite some time Ava may have played a role in Morgan’s erratic behavior. Carly was adamant Morgan was taking his meds, but Sonny dismissed those claims, but echoes from his ex has churned constantly in his head. Why is this epic?

Well, Ava got away with the murder of Connie, slept with her daughter’s boyfriend on more than one occasion, tampered with evidence to ensure her brother Julian escaped attempted murder charges, and has done a bunch of other chaotic things to cover her tracks. For those not fully aware of how the soap world works, you have sweeps in February, May and November, and with tidbits being dropped in April it certainly looks like the truth about Ava’s pill swapping could blow up in her face as May sweeps arrive.

If we thought Sonny and Carly were livid about Olivia causing that bomb explosion, when they discover Ava’s antics it will pinpoint that Morgan would not have been in Julian’s car, if his meds weren’t swapped. We all know Julian Jerome isn’t as dead as the “GH” writers have made it seem. Not to mention the fact that Olivia was carted off to the looney bin, so could Ava Jerome finally have a date with the Grim Reaper. It’s possible, but if not she better hope she gets carted off to jail because Sonny, Carly and Kiki will be out for blood.

Speaking for Carly it looks like she is getting over Sonny quite fast, as she hooked up with her former flame Jax as they grieved over the passing of his mother, and his betrayal. Yeah, for those not in the know, Jax was the one who was involved in nabbing Nelle’s kidney not Carly. So all that madness Nelle inflicted on Carly and her family was for nothing.

I will admit this story was a complete bust in my opinion. The payoff was not worth all the suspense that the writers built up. I mean it was nice to see Nelle come clean to Sonny that they never slept together, she just wanted him to think that as it was part of her masterplan, and it looks like Michael is warming up to a potential relationship with Nelle again. So how will Sonny react to discovering that his wife hooked up with the one man he despises more than anyone else in the world? Probably with violence people, I mean this is Sonny, whose capacity for containing his emotions is not common.

And Carly who has been married to the mobster so many times, I’ve lost count could use a new direction in the world of love, I mean Carly and Jax do have a daughter together, so it’s fitting, and Joslyn would want nothing more if you ask me. However, the story of the hour is not Jax, its Ava Jerome and this woman has slithered her way out of more webs than I can count, but the time may have finally come “GH” for a bit of redemption and Ava’s day of reckoning!